The 10 Stages Of A Sunny Day In Ireland…

1. Obsession – There’s to be nice weather at the weekend did you hear?? It’s gonna be a scorcher! Better get the bbq out!

2. Preparation – Do you go out? Or enjoy it at home? YOU NEED TO THINK THIS THROUGH! 

3. Panic – The good weather has arrived. It’s only 10 o’clock and the world and it’s granny have taken to the roads already. Staying home is the better option.

4. Disgust – Last years summer clothes are bet on to you. All intentions of having rock hard abs by this summer went arseways.

5. Shopping – You need to stock up on sunny day essentials. Anyone who’s not stuck in traffic is in the supermarket. Burger buns and chicken wings are like gold dust!

6. The pool – You salvage last years pool  from the shed and check for holes. Pumping it up takes forever and you’re sweating buckets by the end of it. 

7. Filling up the pool – The kids are moaning that it takes too long. Between pumping it and filling it over an hour has gone by. They play in it for 10 minutes. 

8. Exhaustion – The kids are getting whiny from the heat. Tantrums and telltales every 5 seconds while you try and sunbathe.

9. BBQ & Beer – You’ve stocked up on a box of Sol and the bbq is up and running. Crispy black chicken wings for dinner.

10. Satisfaction – That was great wasn’t it? Hope it’s the same tomorrow!!

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