10 Things I Learned On Holidays…


Sinéad blogs over at Bumbles Of Rice where she get honest (sometimes too honest she’d say!) about the ups and downs of being a working, commuting mum of three, with a big emphasis on nice things like food (and how to keep children fed), travel and days out & other bits and pieces that she wants to get off her chest. Here’s Sinéad’s tips for travelling abroad with kids to save you some heartache! 


10 things I learned on holiday


We went on a foreign holiday last year, to a campsite in Italy. It was fabulous, it really was, once the kids got used to the heat and their surroundings (there’s a review on the blog if you want details).


I’ve been a mammy for almost eight years but I’m always learning, and here’s what I learned on holidays last year, it might just save you from learning the hard way, like I did.


  1. A nice one to start us off- If you’ve lots of hand luggage (like five persons’ worth) Ryanair may offer to check it in for you. (Don’t count on it obviously but it was very helpful to us when trying to negotiate five large carry on bags and three small children around the airport). So, when you’re packing try to have your hand luggage compartmentalised so you can take the bag of snacks and comics out and let the clothes go in the hold. I wish I’d known rather than having to rummage through knickers and goggles trying to find the colouring books!


  1. If you leave conditioner in the bottom third of your hair and let it dry naturally it actually looks nice. Best holiday hair ever for me and my two-year-old daughter.


  1. I love the shade. It was HOT. Heatwave hot. So hot that the kids learned the word “shade”. Spend all your time in the shade. Or the air-con.


  1. The Girl on the Train is as good as everyone says it is. Read it.


  1. Italian leather handbags are beautiful. If you see one you love on the way to dinner buy it, because it will HAUNT you when it’s sold out on the way back. (Thankfully the stall came back three nights later and had it back in stock, phew!)


  1. You can never have too many baby wipes on your person. They sort out every childhood drama and ordeal.


  1. Light coloured trousers or shorts should not be worn in public by toddler owners . Black footprints all over my cream shorts, ice-cream stains on my pale blue skirt. I’ll buy white jeans again when she’s twelve.


  1. Swim nappies don’t hold number 2’s very well. Sob.


  1. The melting point of an Irish two-year-old is 28C. Ditto an Irish four-year-old, six-year-old (and thirty-nine-year-old)


  1. Check that the kids’ summer shoes are comfortable before you leave home. Or they will whinge every morning that they’re not. And there will be blisters, and sore feet, and it will hurt everyone.


          Have a great holiday!



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