17 Weeks Pregnancy Update…

This is a different pregnancy to my last two. A lot different. 

I don’t even mean in terms of symptoms. I was very lucky with all 3 (so far anyway!) Aside from a few weeks of queasiness in the early weeks and a few meals going down the loo I haven’t done too badly. (There were horrific migraines a the end of pregnancy 1 that I’m choosing to forget about) 

It’s different because of the house move. 

We’re in our new house 2 weeks today and it’s been the most hectic, stressful time of our lives without a doubt. When you move house you’re only thinking of getting in to your new property. You don’t really think about all the work that needs to be done or all the changes. Well, I didn’t anyway! It’s been mad. I announced my third pregnancy a couple of weeks ago when we had just moved in – here it is here!

So yeh, there hasn’t been any time to sit leisurely reading pregnancy updates this time round so far, or spending hours reading up names and seeing do they match in with the surname and with the other kids (I love doing that – can’t wait!!) 

I’ve been…… emotional we’ll say. I’ve had days where I’ve burst in to tears for seemingly no reason at all. Last saturday during the X Factor that guy started singing Sam Smith “Lay Me Down” and I absolutely sobbed in to my yogurt for a good 15 minutes! 

I don’t know how much of the emotional outbursts to put down to pregnancy, and how much might be just all the change.. or probably both. (The kids started in a new school too this week but that’s another blog post!) 

I haven’t gotten this second trimester burst of energy that’s supposed to happen. 

And this “glow” they speak of??? I have no glow.  I have spots. That’s what I have. 

My neck and jaw line keep breaking out and my skin on my face feels and looks shite – in my opinion anyway. 

My hair is also supposed to be taking on this new lease of life right now? Nope.. in fact my hair seems a hell of a lot knottier than usual. 

It’s like I’m getting some sort of anti-glow!! WTF?! 

I feel like a whale. 

I’m still shoving myself into my normal jeans which is ridiculous. I’ve ordered some maternity jeans and tops from ASOS and if they’re not nice you can be guaranteed there’ll be tears! 

My boobs are about 57 times bigger than they were a couple of weeks ago and my miserable little b cup bra is laughing at me to go and get measured. 

I’ve felt a few flutters which is lovely… but then when I don’t feel them I start worrying about why I’m not feeling them. It’s all very exhausting. 

I definitely worry more with this pregnancy.. like about anything going wrong. I never worried at all on the others. Just fully assumed it would all be grand! But then I was younger and hadn’t been a Mammy for years and now I’m (only slightly thank you!) older and used to the Mammy worry!! Probably that..

I’m back in the Coombe tomorrow morning for a consultation so I’m hoping I’ll get to hear the heartbeat and get that reassurance again that all is still well, and then we have our big scan in a few weeks. Eek! 

In the meantime, hopefully my glow is just a little delayed and is on the way!! 


(PS – Despite all the moaning I’m obvs delira that no. 3 is on the way and feel very lucky I swear!! 😉 )










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