Pregnancy update – 19 weeks…

Today I’m 19 weeks and 5 days pregnant. 

I would say my bump is fairly big. I’m 5 ft nothing and very slight so there’s no questioning it really. 

And obviously being Baby no. 3 I’m probably popping out quicker this time too. 

I’ve been lucky. Other than getting a bit tired every now and again I’m grand. 

I’ve been using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter on my belly for weeks already in the hope of avoiding stretch marks. I used it the last two times and wether it’s amazing or I just got lucky I don’t know, but I’m giving it a go again! 

On my last visit at about 17 weeks the Doctor did a quick scan and said my placenta is to the front acting as a cushion. She said “You probably haven’t been feeling much” and she was right. I hadn’t and I was a bit unnerved by that. Still am. 

At almost 20 weeks I would have hoped to be getting kicks all over the place but it’s hit and miss. Some days I barely feel anything and it sits in the back of my mind, worrying me a little bit. Then I get days where the kicks are good and strong and it’s such a relief and I can’t get enough of it! Just last night I got some whoppers and I’m dying for Himself and the kids to feel them. 

I’m in for ‘the big scan’ in another week and I can’t wait! I have no idea what the odds are of the placenta moving or what way that works yet.. I had a c section on my second baby so she mentioned that they need to keep an eye that it doesn’t attach itself to the previous scar. (ewww.) 

But either way I’m looking forward to the scan and crossing my fingers that it’s all going well and that the baby is healthy.

I’ve a good chance of having a c section again this time and if I’m honest I’d nearly prefer that. 

My first was an assisted delivery with failed ventouse (or vacuum), forceps and a nice little episiotomy for me. Yay! He was left with a massive swelling on the top of his head from the vacuum, temporary nerve damage from the forceps (When he cried for the first few weeks he looked like a pirate – aargh!) and his heart rate had been dropping while I tried to deliver him. He was 7 lb 12. 

My second was – well, a journey! I went in for my 40 week check up and he had turned (He was oblique which is not quite sideways but not head down) so they couldn’t let me home. My baby was only 22 months old so I was devastated my check up was turning into a check in! 

It was a Friday so I spent the weekend in hospital getting checked by different doctors who couldn’t agree on exactly what way the baby was lying. Some were saying oblique, and some were saying he was head down so it was all very confusing. Meanwhile, they’d done a scan and estimated the baby to be 9 lbs 4 so I was absolutely shitting myself!

By the monday morning I was tearful and stressed and scared and thankfully my team doctor agreed with me that a c section was the way to go. It was on the basis of my previous delivery, the baby’s size and its position. 

I had the c section on the wednesday and after much begging was allowed home on the saturday, so I spent a whopping 8 days in the Coombe for Baby no. 2 and away from my 22 month old. My emotions weren’t the better for it! Baby no. 2 was 8 lbs 10. 

Don’t they tend to get bigger each time??? 

Like I said, I’m 5 ft nothing and very slight so there ain’t no 9 lb turkey coming out naturally in my eyes!!! 

But who knows. We’ll wait and see what happens. Maybe this time I’ll get a dainty little 6 lbs baby who’ll come out in two easy pushes!!? 😉 (I can dream…!) 

So that’s my story so far. Watch this space.. 🙂 





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