23 Weeks Pregnancy Update…

I’m finally in that nice part of the second trimester. Well, more or less. 

I’m not falling asleep half of the time, and my face doesn’t look like a dot to dot puzzle anymore with all the spots I was getting in the first trimester. 

I have what they call an “upper anterior placenta” which means the placenta is to the front. Sorry for using the word placenta so much if you’re leisurely reading this over a cup of coffee and a snack!  

Anyway, it means I wasn’t feeling that many kicks when all the websites were boasting “Oh your little baby is kicking away now” on those weekly updates and of course then fear and paranoia would creep in! 

But since last week the kicks have really …. well, kicked in… 

The baby is like a ninja and it’s at that nice point where it’s lovely gentle kicks and you can see your tummy moving slightly.

I’m enjoying it now because I’ll be honest – towards the end it freaks me out when you get giant alien style movements rolling across your ribs! That’s just scary!

I’ve had “the big scan” and everything is growing as it should be. I think once you’ve had the big scan you relax and enjoy it a bit more. 

I’ve got – what – 3 weeks or so left before I enter the third trimester? I know shit’s gonna get real then. 

I’ve some small discomforts already although nothing major. Getting up from lying down or sitting is no fun anymore, nor is shaving my legs in the shower. I can only balance on one foot for so long and I can’t bend down that far so.. Hello winter hairiness I guess… :/ 

I’ve been getting some cramps which can either be stretching or – according to the internet – braxton hicks which can already start kicking in around now. 

But generally I’m feeling good and enjoying my recent obsession with baby shopping

I’m blissfully blocking out what lies ahead in a few months. It’ll be grand. It’ll be quick and painless. Fine. All good. Noooooo worries. Just giving birth. No. Big. Deal. 

I don’t have a great track record of any easy, quick natural births so I’m still cheering for the C Section camp for this one! 

Anyway, let’s not worry about all that. Be grand…. Let’s just enjoy the baby shopping 🙂 




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