30 Week Pregnancy Update…

Wow 30 weeks. How are we here already?? Genuinely flew in!! I suppose moving house & changing schools in the middle of it all probably helped! It was a hectic time to say the least!!! If you want to catch up on what that was like you can read our announcement here. or our post on changing schools here.

30 weeks feels like a massive milestone. 10 weeks left and the countdown will be well and truly on after Christmas. 

Everyone is telling me I’m neat, that the bump is small and cute. I can’t say it particularly feels small and cute. Certainly not in the middle of the night when I’m trying to roll over on to my other side and I imagine I look a lot like this – 

Ape Confessions of an irish mammy

I vaguely remember being a lot bigger on my last (almost 7 years ago!), but then there’s still lots of growing to be done…

I’ve been very very lucky so far. Aside from a small bit of morning sickness early on I’ve been feeling fine. 

But sleep has abandoned me. Insomnia has hit with a bang over the last couple of weeks. I’m like the walking dead all day wandering around, close to hallucinating probably. The odd night that I get a decent sleep is like gold dust. I’m getting quick little naps in where I can but the kids are like magnets to me. It doesn’t matter if Daddy is right there, wherever I go to have a quick lie down, they will find me, and wake me to ask a – usually bloody pointless – question and that’s it, I’m up again. 

I’ve had mild panic where I wonder will it be like that for the last 10 weeks? Am I doomed to insomnia for the rest of the pregnancy?? And then obviously there’ll be a baby so that leaves sleep out of the question for the foreseeable future really.. I feel like I really didn’t cherish my sleep enough when I had it!! But sure.. 

I’ve pretty much got everything for my hospital bag. Here’s my check list if you want to have a look. It’s early and I’m an organised freak I know, but when I’m organised I’m calmer. 

I had my 30 week check up yesterday and got my whooping cough vaccination done. All is well and the baby is head down! 

So that’s it. We’re counting down to Christmas and then the REAL countdown is on! 



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