32 Week Pregnancy Update… 

So, up to now on this pregnancy I’ve had a lot of “You’re a nice size for your dates” from the Doctor/GP, and ,as a petite person who’s had 2 fairly large babies for my size I was starting to think “Ooh, maybe this one will be all small and dainty and be out in 3 pushes!” 

Yeh that’s not gonna happen it doesn’t seem.

32 + 1 and I went in for my next check up in the Coombe. The baby is measuring 2 weeks larger than my due date. She smiled and told me in a jolly tone that it’s likely to be a big baby. Wonderful.

She agreed that my last baby was big – for me – and that a C Section is likely again this time but it’s still too early to make a final call on that. 

She wants me to go for a Sugar Test. A series of blood tests over the course of 3 hours to check for Gestational Diabetes. That’s how big she feels the baby is for my dates. 

Ah here. 

Officially called an OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) here’s what will happen when I go in next week: 

First of all, I’ve to fast from midnight. No food. No fluids. Not even water. Don’t even chew chewing gum it says! Bloody hell I get it.. 

I’ll get 3 blood tests taken from my arm. One while I’m fasting. Then I’ll be given a measured amount of glucose to drink and an hour later a second bloods will be taken, and then a third another hour after that. 

It says to sit and try not to walk around during all of this, so basically it means an insanely numb ass. 

I’ve never had one of these tests before, and I’d be shocked if I had Gestational Diabetes. I strongly suspect I’m just having an even bigger whopper than the last.. but better safe than sorry of course. 

I won’t lie, it’s made me a bit nervous now. I’m getting close to the end and now I’m slightly shitting it about how big this baby is going to get over the final 8 weeks. I’ve visions of a full blown toddler! 

So we’ll see what next week brings, then instead of a GP check up the following week I’m back in the Coombe again for a further check up. 

I know this test is really just precautionary and that the size of the baby is only a guess really, so fingers crossed all will be well and healthy and this baby isn’t going to walk out of me ready for pre-school… 

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