34 Week & Gestational Diabetes Update…

So, today I am 34 + 4. 

On Wednesday I had my 34 week update. Technically I was just due a GP visit this week but because I was sent for the Sugar Test after week 32 and subsequently diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes I was to go back to the Coombe to check on the toddler’s… – sorry, baby’s – … size. 

Wednesday was one of those days in the Coombe. It was swamped. Mad busy. My appointment was at 11.10am and honestly about two minutes before my name was called at 12.35pm and the room was emptying I was starting to panic that my file hadn’t made it into the right pile or something! 

Anyway. Grand. Except after all that waiting the baby wasn’t playing along and whatever way he – or she – was facing the Doc couldn’t get any accurate measurements and I’m back at 36 weeks. So that was a bit shite. Although she did say she didn’t see that the baby looks giant and the fluids around him are fine so all good. 

He’s oblique at the moment. (Oblique is sort of just off to the side of head down but not settled so could still turn.) (Also, I’m just going to say He. It’s easier and nicer than saying It and probably a force of habit as a Mammy to boys. Although I suspect this is a boy too. No idea why..) 

Anyway, I was back in the Coombe the next day from 9am – 1pm for a Diabetes Lifestyle workshop. There was a good few of us there and we got a talk from 3 different people about Diet, Breast/Bottle feeding with Gestational Diabetes and then the main event, the Monitor and how to use it. 

I had been crapping myself about this monitor. I know, I mean I’m about to have a baby – for the third time – and I was shitting it over a little prick on my finger! Honestly, when it came to the moment to do it my hands were actually clammy and there were tears close to showing! Such a wuss.. 

It wasn’t entirely all bad… not pleasant obviously, but not as bad as I imagined. The actual process of holding it up to your finger and making yourself press in the button is worse than the feeling itself. On my second day of it now and it already doesn’t bother me. Doesn’t fill me with joy or anything but it’s fine. 

Yesterday was my first proper day monitoring my levels. So basically I have my monitor and a little diary. I’ve to check my blood sugar levels 5 times a day. First thing in the morning, an hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner, and at bedtime (before a snack if I’m having one.) First thing in the morning should be under 5. The next 3 should be under 7, and the last should be under 5 again. All I have to do is ring every Thursday with my levels.

My first one came in yesterday at 4.6 and I thought “Ha! Brilliant. This will be a walk in the park”. 

Had some wholemeal toast and a small cup of tea and an hour afterwards checked it again. 8.5. 

Devastated. I handled it badly. I panicked. I thought about what would happen if all my levels are high (You’re put on medication – that apparently has side effects like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Nice. ) 

I got myself worked up over it, had a little cry and a bit of a pity party I won’t lie, and I barely ate all day. I was afraid to. Stupid, I know. 

I had a tiny shitty little lunch and a small dinner. My levels were way low and by the time I went to bed I felt sick because I hadn’t eaten enough. Stupid. 

So today I got up in more positive form and told myself I would eat well and whatever it is it is. Whatever is going to happen will happen. 

My breakfast one was still a little high after a weetabix. 7.8. but the rest have been perfect. 

It’s going to take me a while to get used to it and I’m lucky in that I’ve only 5 weeks and 3 days to my due date. Not that I’m counting or anything………! 

Apparently this goes away as soon as you’ve had the baby. So I’m not even joking – there’s a selection box getting packed in my maternity bag!! Never mind the tea and toast, I’m going to devour a Wispa the first chance I get!!! 

I have no idea what’s going to happen now. I’m back in for a 36 week check up and then in again at 37 weeks for a proper scan to check the baby’s size so we’ll see.. 

I’ll tell you one thing, when this baby is a teenager he’s going to hear about this every time he gives me lip!!!! 😉 






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