36 Week & Gestational Diabetes Update…

Ah the last month. Where time stands still!!! 

Today I’m 36 + 2 and starting to feel like I’ve been pregnant for 100 years. 

But my spirits were lifted slightly yesterday at my latest check up because it’s finally feeling like we’re near the end! 

So basically, when you have GD they won’t let you go over because they don’t want the baby to get too big. “Generally” they will induce you around 38 weeks. So that seems to be the plan so far – which means 2 weeks to go!! Now, THAT sounds better! 

It’s too hard for them to get anywhere near an accurate measurement of the baby in the clinic at your regular appointments, especially at this stage when he or she is crammed in there. Yesterday, for example, she took one measurement which gave a reading of over 38 weeks but at another angle it gave 36 weeks. 

With GD, you get a third scan. So I’m back in next Thursday, 25th, for another scan where they’ll be able to give me an estimate size. The doctor yesterday said if anything is “flagged” I’ll be sent to the clinic. (Not entirely sure what “flagged” refers to. A whopper?? Not enough fluid??) Not sure but anyway, if everything is well I’ll be sent home then I’m back the following Wednesday, 31st. 

It’s looking likely that on the 31st (I’ll be 38 + 1) I’ll be induced. Eek!! 

Now, earlier on I was all for a c section. My first was assisted delivery, second was c section and fairly big (You can read about that here) so I sort of assumed in a way I’ll be having a c section again – which could well be the case.. 

However, wouldn’t it be nice to have it naturally and be able to go home earlier and recover quicker! So I’ll be induced. They’ll keep an eye on how the labour is progressing and make sure my previous c section scar doesn’t rupture (let’s not think about that) and if there’s any sign of trouble I’ll go for a c section, but here’s hoping I can do it myself this time. Who knows.. To be honest I’m at that stage where I don’t particularly care what way it happens. Pull it out of my ear, whatever. Let’s just get it done! 

If I have the baby at 38 weeks there’s another pro – only 2 more weeks of those bloody needles! 

I’ve been lucky with the GD. I have it under control with diet alone thankfully so at least there’s that. But I’m already sick to my teeth of pricking my fingers with those needles 5 times a day. It’ll be good riddance to that malarkey. Bring it on! 

On the upside, the GD has me insanely healthy the last month whereas I know well if I didn’t have it I’d have been stuffing my face left right and centre. It’s funny, but you can actually find fairly healthy snacks to enjoy when a gun is put to your head!! In saying that, I have a bag of wispas and dairy milk in my maternity bag and I’ll be milling into them at the first opportunity!!

So I’m on 2 countdowns now to break it all down. 1 week to go to my third scan, and 1 week and 6 days to go ’til I’m back in and possibly staying in! The bag will be coming with me. 

Bring. It. On. 



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