37 Week Gestational Diabetes Growth Scan…

So at 32 weeks pf this pregnancy I was sent for the Sugar Test because the baby was measuring 2 weeks larger.. 

… and was subsequently told I had Gestational Diabetes and have been pricking my fingers 5 times a day ever since and not eating anything – well, nice basically – to keep an eye on my blood sugar levels. 

Today, at 37 + 2 I had a growth scan to give me an idea of how big of a baby we’re dealing with here. 

I’ve been really uncomfortable since Sunday. Like, REALLY uncomfortable. Every step I take I feel like I need to pee again and I’m doing the standard penguin walk now non stop. It also feels a bit like someone has kicked me repeatedly *there* which is fun. So I had guessed that the baby is head down, which it is! 

However, as uncomfortable as I’m feeling, I haven’t felt huge at all. It’s been 7 years since I did this so memories are a bit vague, but I remember feeling a hell of a lot more ginormous the last time and he was 8 lbs 10. 

So I was really interested to get this growth scan done this morning and see…. 

… and it turns out that this whopper Diabetes Baby is an estimated size of……… 

……. between 6 lbs 13 and 7 lbs 4!!!! 

Yes, the one time in all my pregnancies I was diagnosed with GD and it appears it might turn out to be the smallest!! (My 2 boys were 7 lbs 12 and 8 lbs 10) I honestly had a feeling lately that this was going to be the case!

As far as I know the plan stays the same, which is that with GD they generally induce you or break your waters between 38/39 weeks and don’t let you go over 40. 

I’m not entirely sure what the plan is on my next visit at 38 +1, but the nurse this morning said to bring my bags with me. They might induce, they might break my waters, they might give me a sweep.. I don’t know, so I’m just going to go prepared! 

I’m thrilled that the baby is measuring small enough and is head down because I have high hopes now of trying to have it naturally and to avoid a c section again if I can! 

Here’s hoping! 6 days and counting to the next visit…

Here’s to the famous words we all hear at this point “You’re on the home stretch now!” 😉 


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