Another Week, Another Ice Pack…

It’s only January 15th and already the ice pack has been out twice. 

I swear I didn’t need the thing for the entire year of 2017!! 

Last week it was needed for the black eye incident… You can read about that lovely evening here

This weekend the boys had one of their cousins over for a sleepover. They’re all around the same age and they just love each others company. 

He was coming over on Saturday afternoon. I made the rooky mistake of telling them on Friday, so our Saturday from approximately 6.45am until 2pm went like this: 

“What time will he be here?”

“Is he on his way?”

“It shouldn’t take this long!”

“I mean, how long does it take to just get in the car and drive over?” 

“We’ve been waiting years.”

Anyway, after 100 years of waiting, he arrived and lots of fun was had. 

To be fair, considering they’re 3 young boys who can get INSANELY hyper together, it was all very calm and relaxed. They played on their scooters outside for hours, they dressed up, they made a music band, played lego, watched a movie… It was all going swimmingly. By 10pm I was chilling out watching Graham Norton with some crackers and cheese and a glass of sparkling water and lime (It’s actually nice! Stick it in a wine glass and you can almost imagine you’re enjoying something a bit stronger!) and they were playing away in their room. 

By midnight my 8 year old was getting a bit wired and had started diving and tumbling on to the day bed that they were all sleeping on. You would think this is where the ice pack comes in wouldn’t you??! No.. 

We calmed him down and told him it was time for bed and that they could still talk but no diving. Grand. All 3 were tucked in. I got in to bed delighted with myself and ready for sleep. 

12.30am came a wail. 

Out comes the 8 year old clutching his forehead. 

The lump was massive. Like, huge. 

It was the second biggest lump I’ve seen between them, (The first was a fall in Junior Infants. It was like something you’d see on Tom & Jerry!)

Called in to himself for the second time this year to run down and get the ice pack. (Note to self, must invest in another ice pack incase we ever have 2 injuries at once. At this rate it’s looking likely!!) 

The 6 year old was crying and clutching his head too. Sources (their cousin) told me that the 6 year old accidently whacked the 8 year old with a torch he was swinging around, and in retaliation a smack was given back. 

He decided he’d like to sleep in our bed on account of the lump. To be honest, I was happy enough with this because I knew it would cut out another hour of them being awake messing. 

By 1am the other two were fast asleep. Himself was fast asleep. Me and the 8 year old “shared” my side of the bed. For about a half an hour every few minutes he’d sigh loudly that the bump was annoying him and that he wished he could rip his forehead off. 

He eventually shut up and fell sleep. (I was very sympathetic for the first 300 sighs, then it got a bit old)

I spent the night, 35 weeks pregnant, clinging to the edge and putting a teeny corner of the duvet over me. (Here’s an older post about 4 in the bed. Must invest in the largest possible bed for when there’s 5 of us!) 

Kids all woke up in flying form and continued playing. 

I can’t have caffeine, or chocolate, or wine. 

Roll on February. No more ice packs ’til then please!!! 




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