Being Organised Is Pointless…

Parenting – 

Be organised and leave the house in plenty of time for school. 

Arrive at the school with time to spare. Park. Turn off the ignition. Take a moment to relax. 

This is the point where one child will say “Oh. I was supposed to bring in my favourite book for World Book Day”

Debate leaving it so he learns a lesson but let Parenting Guilt get the better of you. 

Drive back home in full blown rant mode at your child about responsibility.

Maybe throw in that it’s costing more petrol money driving back home and back to school again.

Get home and send your child in for his book. He’ll take a considerable amount of time to do this. 

Race back to school. 

Run over just as the kids lines are going in the door. 

Go home and drink all the coffee. 

Start fresh.

Stick on some onions to slow cook for dinner. 

Be sure to put the ring on too high and completely forget about them. 

The lesson? What’s the f*cking point in being organised. 





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  1. Fancy

    March 2, 2017 at 11:39 am

    Aghhh it is too true I always let the pans boil over

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