Cheeky Kids!



I don’t know when my kids stopped being so angelic… or if they ever were.

The eldest has definitely taken on the roll of ‘Cheeky little sod’ since turning 5. And the youngest tends to copy his big brother..

This morning they were in trouble for one reason or another, and I threatened Santa’s naughty list.

“Santa’s watching you know, you’ll end up on the naughty list and you’ll get coal for Christmas!”

The eldest has an answer for everything at the moment. He called my bluff. “That’s ok Mammy, I don’t mind if he gives me coal, I just won’t play with it.”

The youngest got on board too. “Yeh we’ll just take your presents Mammy and play with them!”

They whispered between each other for a while before the youngest announced “Mammy Santa will leave YOU coal for Christmas!”


Anyway they redeemed themselves by actually sitting still and quietly in mass for half an hour – a miracle for two energetic boys! – and have been relatively good for the rest of the day..

It’s like Jeckyll and Hyde you never know which one you’re going to get…


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