A Guide To Chickenpox Survival…

We’ve just come out of the chickenpox bubble. 

My son still looks like a teenager with acne but he’s free to join civilization again, as am I. 

It’s a slow process because, being 8, he’s conscious of the ones on his face so we haven’t ventured too far yet, but just stepping outside into daylight and breathing in actual air is enough for now! 

For years I said I wanted the chickenpox over with. I was nearly delighted when the Youngest broke out in them!

Had I known how horrible it is though, I swear I would have researched that vaccination a long time ago. 

Chickenpox landed here with no warning. There was no symptoms beforehand. No high temperatures, no feeling sick. Nothing.

The youngest was the first to be struck down here, and it was on the last week of school before Summer. He was devastated to miss his last day of Snr Infants and my heart went out to him. 

Looking back, he actually didn’t get it that bad, but at the time it was horrible. He only got maybe about 70 spots over all, but they were angry, red vicious looking spots. The one on his eye (*sob*) required a friday evening trip to D Doc and an antibiotic. 

Really he did exceptionally well and didn’t complain too much or scratch. I won’t lie. I was shocked. The Youngest is the drama queen in this house. A teeny scratch on his knee will have him limping for days, so we were all impressed! 

He cleared up over the next 2 weeks… and then the Eldest was struck down. 

It was a Tuesday morning and he came bounding in to me, almost excited, showing me a teeny little spot on his back. 

I sobbed inwardly at the thought of another week of isolation, but got the chickenpox supplies out and braced myself. I figured it would be the same this time round. 


The poor Eldest got it bad. 

Within less than 24 hours he had easily 200 spots, and by day 4 he had well over 400. From his scalp down to his toes. 

He. Was. Destroyed. 

It was awful to look at. Every time he took his clothes off for me to put Poxclin on him it was a new fresh shock. I just was NOT prepared for how horrible he’d get it. 

He was absolutely miserable. 

I spent days 3 & 4 in his room with him, surrounded by lego, building all sorts and trying to keep him distracted because he was so itchy. He barely broke a smile the whole time. 

His spots weren’t angry and red but just very blistery and big and itchy and everywhere. 

He’s still covered in them – especially his back – and I can hardly imagine his lovely skin being back to normal but another few weeks and it will all be done.

I literally feel like all we’ve done all Summer so far is chickenpox. 

We amused ourselves slightly by imagining chickenpox was an actual person, a bad guy, and that we would all kick his ass for being such a dickhead.

Chickenpox can now go and f*ck itself and we are free to enjoy the rest of the “Summer”. 

If you’ve yet to experience this joy, you have my sympathy in bucket loads. 

Here’s a quick survival kit if you are a chickenpox beginner – 

  • Poxclin Cool Mousse (About €20 in most chemists but very good and came highly recommended to me from a lot of parents)
  • Zirtek liquid medicine (I’m sure there’s many different types you can get but this is what I used. Twice daily to relieve the itching)
  • Baking soda or Porridge Oats for baths (I did porridge oat baths. I may never eat porridge again) 

  • Calpol. NEVER GIVE NUROFEN WITH CHICKENPOX. (Nurofen can cause reactions with chickenpox) 
  • Take Aways. (You’ll be in no mood to cook after spending your entire day rubbing lotions on manky looking blisters and doing porridge oat baths)
  • Wine. Gin. Whiskey. Anything. (You are going to go slightly insane being stuck indoors during the contagious part, particularly if you’ve got more than 1 kid. Prepare yourself.)
  • A strong stomach. (Chickenpox are gross to look at and gross to rub. There’s going to be lots of “Oh no sweetie it’s not that bad” while you silently gag) 


Good luck and God speed! You got this! 


*EDITED – Now that I’ve announced Pregnancy No. 3 – Yes, I was pregnant when the chickenpox landed. *Oh cruel world*. I wasn’t 100% sure on my immunity so I rang the Coombe and they booked me in straight away for a test. Me and baby were immune so all good. 🙂 






  1. tric kearney

    July 22, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    I’ve never recovered from the time my gang got it one May. It was nineteen years ago and I remember it clearly. My baby was nine months and was bad, my son was four and was destroyed as was the little one I minded who was also four. They too got them on their eyes and the following week the older two aged seven (my own and the one I minded) both got it, but not so bad. The weather was 26 degrees. When they were not throwing up they were in a bath.
    The only good thing is that when they eventually cleared up I couldn’t stop looking at how gorgeous they all were.
    Congratulations on making it to the other side .

    1. Confessions Of An Irish Mammy

      July 24, 2017 at 10:44 am

      Oh stop. It’s horrible to see their lovely skin look so bad! I’m dying for the 8 year old’s to clear up. So glad to be out the other side. 🙂

  2. Jenny

    September 24, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Oh no it has landed in my house this morn – new baby due in less than a week – Help- 3 more in house – hoping they don’t all get it

    1. Confessions Of An Irish Mammy

      September 24, 2017 at 10:24 am

      Oh my God you have ALL my sympathy! I hope it’s mild and by some miracle the other’s don’t get it. Crossing my fingers for you! Best of luck!

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