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Childs Farm is an award winning brand of kids toiletries set up by Joanna Jensen, who was on a quest to find a shampoo and conditioner for her two daughters’ sensitive skin & fine hair, but something without all the chemicals. The Child Farm range is suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin, all Paediatrician & Dermatologist approved. You can read Joanne’s full story here

They kindly sent me out some products to review recently and this is what we got – 

1 large bottle of Hair & Body Wash. Blackberry & Organic Apple. Hair & Body Wash


1 “Little Essentials” Gift Set mini bottles. This consists of:

Hair & Body Wash. Organic Sweet Orange. 

Hair Detangler. Grapefruit & Organic Tea Tree. 

3 in 1 Swim. Strawberry & Organic Mint.

Moisturizer. Grapefruit & Organic Tea Tree. 

Little Essentials Gift Set

Honestly, while I was delighted to receive these for review, it was only after I got them that I started to wonder what I was actually going to write about them! I have 2 boys, both with very short hair cuts and fairly smooth skin! So it didn’t leave me much to go on!

So I did this review a little differently… 

One of my Mammy pals had sent me a message telling me she was dying to know if they were any good because 2 of her kids have dry skin. So I had a lightbulb moment and asked if she wanted to help me out with the review! 

I kept the large bottle of Hair & Body Wash, and the 3 in 1 Swim (My kids do swimming on Saturdays and the Eldest goes in school too) and I gave my friend the Moisturizer, Hair & Body Wash & Hair Detangler along with another mini Child Farm Baby Moisturizer that I had from the Maternity & Infant Awards Gift Bag. 

So, the Hair & Body Wash that I used is their newest fragrance, Blackberry & Organic Apple, and I’m not messing when I say it smells like Heaven! It’s SO good! The bathroom smells amazing when I use it and when the kids are washed and dried they smell delicious and I could eat them! There’s been a lot of head sniffing going on after bath time since we got this one! 🙂 I’ve never really used a particular hair or body wash for them before, but this is definitely something I’ll buy again. It’s a 250ml bottle and even though we’ve used it a good few times there’s still loads  left, about 3/4 of the bottle. It’s priced at €5.99 in Boots. Given that it’s natural based ingredients with oils, and lasting a long time, I’d say it’s definitely worth the price. Without a doubt they’re shiny and fluffy haired after their bath and smelling like candles! 

The same really goes for the 3 in 1 swim. Like the Hair & Body wash, it’s an all over wash, described as “hair to toe after-swim care, it washes away chlorine leaving skin & hair clean & shiny.” This has been very handy for after swimming on Saturdays, popping them in the shower and washing them head to toe. A big plus for me is definitely one bottle doing the whole job! Again, it smells gorgeous and they’re all soft & shiny afterwards. It’s a 50ml bottle, and again, we’ve used it a good few times for the two kids, and there’s still half a bottle left. I’ll run through the price of the gift set at the end. 

Lastly, I gave my Mammy pal a couple of weeks with the creams, and she sent me on her thoughts. Word for word, this is what Nadine, Mammy of 3, had to say: 

I got my hands on a miniature Childs Farm Little Essentials Kit. I had wanted to try this as both my girls were prone to very sensitive dry skin patches. I don’t like using steroid creams as it thins the skin out. Eliza is 4, but Elodie is only 5 months so these creams are a no no if I can help it. 

So I got a Hair & Body Wash, Moisturizer, Baby Sensitive Moisturizer & Hair Detangler. I put to use straight away the Baby Sensitive Moisturizer on my 5 month old that evening. Giving her a little massage & extra cream on the bad patches. The next day when I was changing her, the patches had turned red. I was a little worried at first, but to touch they felt softer. This had never happened with other moisturizers. They weren’t sore to touch & I wasn’t overly concerned. It was like they were flaking off. So I applied some more and within 5 days the patches were gone!!! Result!!  

I used the regular Moisturizer on my 4 year old & to be honest didn’t notice a difference to her skin, apart from the gorgeous smell! So it’s back to the more concentrated creams for her. It does say on the pack ‘creams suitable for eczema prone skin’ but guess it doesn’t treat it. The creams themselves smell amazing and they dry super quickly, which is handy when you have a wriggling 5 month old baby. And the smell lasts too! I could still get the scent the next day. 

The Hair Detangler has the nicest smell of all. It didn’t work great for us as we’ve a lot of curls to detangle so we went back to the Johnstons one, but if you had a one or two year old with not much hair it’s perfect. Did I mention the smell?? I could drink it if I could! 

Overall, I was very happy with the products, mostly because my 5 month old’s skin is gorgeous thanks to this little miracle cream. I liked the fact that it was free from parabens & all the ‘nasties’. I’ll definitely be buying the baby cream. If only my local chemist would stock it!” 

Child Farm Baby Moisturizer
The Baby Moisturizer that worked for Nadine

The Little Essentials Gift Set is priced at €11.29 in Boots, and the Baby Moisturizer is priced at €5.99 for a 250ml bottle. 


You can check out all their products on their website, and they’re on Facebook & Twitter too. 

Childs Farm Happy Skin Promise


Note: I was given these products in exchange for a review. All views are my own – and Nadine’s in this case. 😉 
















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