Easy Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe…

I’ve said many times, I’m not a great baker. I can only do easy stuff, and this Chocolate Biscuit Cake is simple! 


250g butter

100ml golden syrup

225g chocolate -I used dairyfine milk chocolate from Aldi

Approx 1/4 pack x 400g digestive biscuits – use as many or as few as you like 

Approx 1/4 pack x 300g rich tea biscuits – same!

Maltesers – I used about half of a 120g box 

I left it at that but you can add marshmallow / fruit if you’re into that.. 



~ Line a cake tin (6″) or a loaf tin (2lb) with greaseproof paper

~ Mix the butter, syrup and chocolate in a pot until fully melted 
chocolate biscuit cake

~ Add the biscuits – as crushed as you want them – and the maltesers and mix 

~ Pour the mixture into the tin

~ Press down to make sure there’s no air pockets and smooth over the top 
chocolate biscuit cake

~ Leave it out to cool and harden and then wrap it in greaseproof paper and store it in the fridge 

I left mine overnight in the fridge before touching it and this was the result – 

chocolate biscuit cake

Finally, pig out and enjoy! You’ll feel like shite afterwards but it’ll be totally worth it!! 

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