December, Christmas & Nostalgia..

December 1st. At the risk of sounding like a complete ‘aul one. “Where has the year gone???????” Really!!! Blink and you miss it! Wasn’t Halloween only yesterday???

It freaks me out a bit. I think every year as the kids get older and go to school, it all seems to be going by faster. This year just disappeared and I don’t know what’s going on. So what will next year be like!? Slow down life!! I’m struggling to catch up!

I love Christmas. Without a doubt, it’s my favourite time of the year. Himself will argue that Summer is better. Brighter. Warmer. (Well, sometimes. It is Ireland after all.) And yes, I see his point. There is a lot that is easier in summer time. The kids are outdoors more. The days are longer. Yes, winter brings dark dull days, shorter days, snotty noses and all sorts of tummy bugs and infections… but it’s Christmas..It’s magical! 

For me, the build up is the best part. Better than the actual day! I know a lot will argue that it starts too early, but I figure why not enjoy it for as long as possible! Our tree went up on Thursday. It had to be up for the Toy Show on Friday. I couldn’t possibly watch it without the tree sparkling away in the corner. I already feel a bit sad that the Toy Show has already come and gone for another year. See? Fast! Blink and it’s gone! The eldest only managed to stay up ’til the first break, and the youngest was asleep before it started. We watched it again on Saturday morning! 🙂 

Last night we watched The Polar Express. We’d never seen it before. What a lovely magical film! The kids were enthralled. Is there anything better than watching your kids get lost in a magical Christmas movie! The movies are another huge favourite part of Christmas for me. I think life as an adult becomes very stressful for us all. Worrying about the kids. Worrying about money. Worrying about bills. Worrying about insurance, mortgages, taxes. Worrying about getting things done. Worrying and Stressing about this, that and everything. So I love Christmas movies, and getting lost in them with the kids, and pretending for that hour and a half that life really is that magical. I look at the kids and almost feel envious, that they’re in this little world where Santa and elves and magic and fairies and sparkly things are all real and what life is all about. Such a shame we have to grow up and lose all that really isn’t it!! It’s nice to capture it again at Christmas time! 

I have great memories of Christmas as a child. I was the child who would wake at 4am and make everyone get up! I don’t think I ever made it to a reasonable time! I might need to remind myself of this on Christmas morning this year with my own kids!!! I loved the tree, the decorations, the gifts, the family get togethers, the music, everything! I hope my kids will have the same memories and enjoy the years they have where it’s full of magic. 

I try every year to not get too wrapped up in the money side of Christmas, the stress of buying presents and worrying about how much you need to spend or who you need to buy for. I haven’t always succeeded in that, but this year I’m probably the most relaxed about that than ever before. I’ve got a budget, and reminding myself that it doesn’t matter how little a gift is that you buy for someone, the point is that you took the time and thought to buy that person a gift. 

I’m going to really soak up this Christmas, the build up, the songs, the movies, the chocolate advent calendars, the kids parties, everything. I’m going to enjoy watching the kids excitement of the build up, the anticipation on Christmas eve, and their little faces on Christmas morning, because before you know it, it’ll be all done and dusted, and we’ll be in January starting it all over again! 

Happy December! 




  1. mammyinwonderland

    December 1, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    I was swearing off Christmas in our house until the 12th…. so damn you for getting me into the Christmas spirit! Lovely post x

    1. Confessions Of An Irish Mammy

      December 1, 2014 at 3:22 pm

      Stick on Christmas fm there and get into it! It’s great! 😉

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