The Emotions Of Changing Your Kids School…

So as most of you will know there’s been major changes in this family. The recent New House, New Baby post will fill you in if you’re new! 

So we had been in the house just over a week when it was time to start thinking about school. 

Originally I had planned to leave them in their old school in the short term. It’s about a 20 minute drive – without traffic – from our new house and while it’s not ideal, I was terrified of putting the kids through more change. I also didn’t imagine there’d be any spaces in the local school at this late stage so I figured I’d sort it next year. 

I had casually mentioned switching schools to the boys while we were getting ready to move over the Summer and they shot the idea down straight away. Not a hope of them getting on board. So I thought we’d leave it for now. A new house and a pregnancy was enough to be dealing with. 

We were ready to rock. I had all their uniforms and books, the lot. 

Then last week I was at the computer ringing companies and getting things like electricity bills, bins, tv, internet ticked off the list and figured I’d just ring the local school for a chat and check out how soon in advance I could put their names down. 

She took the kids names and DOB’s and asked what classes they would be starting this September. (3rd and 1st) 

“They could start tomorrow if you like?” she said…… 

I nearly f*cking died. Tomorrow?? Just like that?? Changing the bloody electricity and internet over hadn’t even been as bloody easy as this!!! 

She said there happened to be a space available in both classes and they were welcome to start on the 1st day back. 

I was only short of falling off my chair and my shock must have been evident because she said “Sure look, pop down and fill out the forms and meet the principal and we can have a chat.” 

So I called the boys and told them to get in to the car, that we had to go out. 

“Where?” they said. 


I’m fairly honest with my kids. I didn’t think there was much point in sugar coating it even though my insides were in a heap and I was shitting myself about this. 

So I calmly told them exactly where we were going and why. 

They cried. 

They cried while we drove there. 

They cried while we walked over to the school. 

They cried while we sat in the office and while I filled out forms. 

I felt like the biggest cow in the world and at this point, with everything, stressed out of my face. 

But I knew in my heart the opportunity to change them to a local school literally a 10 minute walk – if even – from our new house was an absolute win and that I would have been mad not to take it. 

The principal met them and she was lovely. The 8 year old came round a little as they got a tour but the 6 year old continued to look miserable. 

I had never hated myself more for putting them through this. 

We had a walk around and by the time we got back to the office to finish off some forms they had both calmed down. 

We agreed to start them the following Monday to give them a chance to get used to the idea, and to give me a chance to get their new uniforms and books. The last thing I wanted was for them to be the new kids without being in proper uniform and having all their books like everyone else. 

We said goodbye and walked back to the car. 

The 8 year old said “Actually Mammy, I’m looking forward to going there!” 

I knew once I had him on board the younger one would follow. 

I was right. “Yeh Mammy me too.”

I could have sang from a feckin’ mountain top!!!!!! 

Over the next few days they managed to persuade themselves that actually this school was much cooler than their last one and that they’d love it. 

They were counting the days and the night before there was great excitement. 

I honestly couldn’t believe my luck!

I was absolutely shitting myself on their first morning. I barely slept the night before, worrying that I’d done the right thing and stressing about all the change they’ve gone through this Summer. 

But here we are now 4 days in. They’ve made friends. They love their new teachers. They’re happy! 

Moving house and everything that goes with that, being a hormonal pregnant psycho at times and changing the kids schools has been the most stressful time of my life, and there the kids were taking it all with a pinch of salt and just slotting right in to an entire new life without barely batting an eyelid. Bar those few tears they’ve taken it all like it’s no big deal and certainly seem to be as happy as they ever were. 

I’m feckin’ jealous if I’m honest! Oh to be a kid and take all that change so easily. 

Totally in awe of them and very proud. 

It showed me that kids are so much stronger than we probably give them credit for. 

Kids, I salute you! 







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