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8 year old Freddy Buttons lives in Tumbledown Village with his dog, Juno, and his Mam & Dad, Kitty & Ted Buttons. Freddy has lots of animal pals to help him out with any mysterious goings on. They call themselves the F.B.I…. The Freddy Buttons Investigators. 

The books are described as ‘food adventure books’ and are all based on their homegrown food and a new mystery that the F.B.I. have to solve. The author, Fiona Dillon, a food writer, blogger and broadcaster, uses her books to help educate kids, in a fun way, about where their food comes from.

Tumbledown Media kindly sent us out all 6 Freddy Button books to review. 


We love books. We read every night. My idea was to read one a night at bedtime but we had 4 read within an hour of them coming home from school! We managed to keep two until bedtime. Both kids, at 7 & 5, loved them equally and enjoyed wondering how the mystery would be solved in each story.The illustrations are lovely and the way they make them educational without the kids really realising is very good. We’ve re-read a couple each night at bedtime.

Each book has some facts about a different food and a recipe at the back! My kids are a bit (a lot!) picky so these might be handy to encourage them to try new foods. I’m going to go with the whole “Look! Freddy Buttons likes it!” and see if it works…!  In fact, yesterday morning before school I gave them both some honey & lemon because there’s a bit of coughing and sniffing going on. Both of them copied Freddy Buttons advice that happened to be in one of the stories – without me mentioning it – and let the honey & lemon trickle down their throats instead of swallowing it fast! I didn’t even know this was a thing ’til I read it in the book, so that was impressive!


Lovely characters, pictures and story lines make these books a pleasure to read. They went down extremely well here. 

The Freddy Buttons website has colouring pages, jigsaws etc. as well for kids to enjoy. You can visit that here, and find them on Facebook and Twitter


*** C O M P E T I T I O N    T I M E ***


Thanks to Tumbledown Media I have 6 Freddy Buttons Books to giveaway to one lucky winner!

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The winner will be picked at random on Friday, July 8th. (ROI only)

Best of luck! 


Note: I was given 6 books for review purposes. All views are my own.












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  1. Found the right place to comment fabulous books. My 2 love to read be read to also. Lovely habit to get into also as the progress.progress . through school.

  2. My 5 yr old reads every night, before bed. Two pages are never enough. No matter how tired I am, how rushed, or how late it is, read we must!! He would love one of these!!

  3. My little boy would love these, he went to a freddy buttons book reading with school during book week this year & has loved Freddy ever since. He’d love to share them with his sisters.

  4. Brilliant prize. Would love some new books for my son to get him into reading something new instead of asking for the same stories every night

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