Good 4 U Super Bites Snacks Review…


Good4U are an Irish family business making healthy snacks without compromising on taste. Their soft super bites snacks are a high fibre truffle consisting of seeds and fruits.

They kindly sent us out some of their super bites snacks to try out and here’s how we got on. 

Here’s what we got in our pack: 


Here’s an example of what’s inside them:


So I tasted them first and it took me a minute to get used to the texture. You nearly expect them to be hard but they’re very soft. I won’t say I was mad about the texture, but the flavours were nice. I liked the taste of the coconut one, orange & cocoa one and the kids strawberry and vanilla. 

The Hubby arrived in for lunch and had a rummage through them. He’s very easily pleased and liked them all. He took a pack with him when he was going back out the door to keep in his van. 

The 5 year old barely tried them. I’ve mentioned before in food reviews how he’s the world’s pickiest eater. It’s exasperating! I live in hope that one day he’ll try something new – and healthy – and say “Oh yes I like that!” Alas, it didn’t happen with these. 

The 7 year old on the other hand couldn’t get enough of them. We’ve gone through the whole pack already, mainly devoured by him. He took them for his lunch, he ate them with breakfast some mornings, he took some on the sly before dinner some days. He loved them. All of them. He kept rolling his eyes dramatically and saying “Mammy these are GORGEOUS!” His favourite are the Strawberry & Vanilla. 

If I could get the Youngest to be that enthusiastic about a healthy snack I’d be delighted. Some day. 

The Super Bites are free from Nuts, Gluten, Dairy & Wheat.  The kids packs are a nice size for lunchboxes. We got a fridge magnet too outlining foods for the “Ultimate Lunchbox”. 

The Ultimate Lunchbox Fridge Magnet
The Ultimate Lunchbox Fridge Magnet
Good4U Nutritional Information
Good4U Nutritional Information


You can check out Good4U on their website here, and they’re also on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Note: I was sent a parcel from Good 4 U for review purposes. All views are my own. 

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