Halloween & Those B*starding Sparklers…

Halloween has become this massive big deal now. 

In all honesty, I think it’s a load of shite. Couldn’t be arsed about it at all. 

Yes we put out some mediocre decorations, carved (I, I carved!) pumpkins and stuck them outside the front door, and we did a Halloween outing over the weekend, but my Halloween enthusiasm is basically zilch. Nothing. 

God be with the days were you got into a black sack, stuck some coal on your face and if you were lucky had some witches fingers or vampire fangs! 😉 

It goes on for feckin’ weeks now. In my eyes it’s just something to get over and done with so we can start preparing for the REAL deal, the Pièce De Résistance, Christmas. *Closes eyes and imagines all the sparkly joy* 

Anyway, speaking of sparkly. In the interest of showing some Halloween enthusiasm I picked up some sparklers in the local shop last week for the boys. 

You know the ones, a little stick that you light, it sparkles for a few minutes and you can make cool swishy light shapes by waving it around, and then it fizzles out. Harmless Halloween fun, yes? 

My eye. 

Now, in all fairness to the sparklers, the package actually says that gloves should be worn. I didn’t do this. 

The boys were full of excitement waiting on it to get dark enough, and then we brought them outside and lit them. 

Obviously warnings were given to be careful etc etc.

They ran around the road delighted with themselves. 

Then the 6 year old dropped his. And that slow motion happened where you know they’re about to hurt themselves but by the time you warn them it’s too late to stop. 

He went to pick it up, and in a bit of confusion or just not really thinking, he picked it up by the sparkly end with his finger and thumb. 

All hell broke lose. 

I brought him in at top speed to the bathroom to get it under cool water quickly. We stayed there for ages. He was hysterical. 

We brought him in to the kitchen after a while to look for some aloe vera or sudocrem or burn gel. He was beyond hysterical. He was chewing his other hand he was that worked up and there was actual beads of sweat on his head he was screeching that much. 

Now in all fairness to him, those little burns are a b*stard and my heart went out to him. You know what it’s like. Grand once you have it under the tap but hurts like hell if you remove it and then you get that horrible numb feeling. 

For 2 and a half solid hours he wouldn’t take his hand out of a bowl of cool water. 

Every now and again we’d have to race in to the kitchen to put fresh cool water in the bowl and in a bid to stop him getting hysterical again I’d throw m&m’s at him. (Not literally obviously!) 

It was a bloody nightmare. I was kicking myself for buying the feckin’ things and for not being more cautious about them. 

It was 9pm by the time he agreed to take his hand out of the bowl. We put a heap of sudocrem on it and lightly wrapped it in a plaster and he was fine after that. 

The rest of the sparklers were swiftly fecked in to the bin. 

Only another reason for my Halloween (lack of) enthusiasm to take an all time dive while I wait to get the Christmas deco’s out! 

Of course tomorrow they’ll dress up, trick or treat, get thousands of bags of jellies, bars, and probably some crisps that expired in 2009. 

They’ll have a ball, eat lots of shite, go to bed and then Mammy and Daddy will eat as much as we can without them noticing anything missing. 

Happy Halloween. Be safe. 🙂 




  1. Ellen

    October 31, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    ‘the nice sparkly end’ hahahaha.. I’m with you – Halloween is a load of shite bring on Christmas!

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