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The first thing that came into my head when I heard about this was the movie The Holiday! Could you imagine leaving your 3 bed semi in Dublin and jetting off to a producers house in L.A.!! ūüėȬ†

Now, it’s¬†doubtfully going to happen exactly like that but still..!¬†

And actually, when I made that joke in my email back to them about the movie, they said this:

“Did you know HomeExchange.com is actually the website that Amanda & Iris used to get¬†in touch? If you ever see the movie again, take a look when Amanda types on her computer. She types HomeExchange.com …” It’s even¬†mentioned on their website here.¬†

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HomeExchange are a¬†global community of 65,000 people around the world across 150 countries, and they’re offering one lucky winner a free years subscription worth ¬£100.

The giveaway is aimed towards parents of babies / young kids who would like the opportunity to travel abroad without the usual hassles involved in going on holidays.

They’ve given 10 Reasons to Take Your Baby on a Home Exchange:

PACKING IS EASIER by borrowing travel beds, strollers, baby carriers, changing mattresses, baby hammocks, toys… so you don’t have to take ALL your equipment with you.

AVOID LAST MINUTE WORRIES as everything is in one place and ready for you; the same as when you visit the grandparents.

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY and stay for free knowing you can keep to your family and baby’s usual routine, just the same as if you were at home.

SLEEP WELL AND RELAX without the concerns of staying in a hotel where your baby may wake up guests.

GET MORE SPACE as baby and parents have their own rooms; no more stays in a cramped hotel room.

AVOID TIME PRESSURES as there’s no need to rush downstairs to catch the hotel breakfast.

HAVE A WELL-DESERVED BREAK and enjoy meeting new friends by venturing beyond your neighbourhood, your exchange partner may even introduce you to their own friends with kids.

RETURN TO PEACE AND QUIET for your baby’s afternoon nap while you prepare the next activity or just relax.

GET INSIDER TIPS from your exchange partner on the best baby friendly parks, activities and workshops.

HAVE YOUR OWN KITCHEN with microwave, dishes and spoons to cook and prepare your baby’s food rather than buying ready made supermarket porridge.

France #520948
House in France. Source: HomeExchange
Australia #506808
House in Australia. Source: Home Exchange

Browse through over 12,500 homes currently available with baby equipment.¬†You can read all about how it works on their website here, and you’ll find them on Facebook¬†and Twitter.¬†


C O M P E T I T I O N    T I M E 

If it sounds like something you’re interested in and want to be in with a chance to win just leave a comment below! Winner will be picked at random on Wednesday July 6th¬†and will be sent a voucher code direct from Home Exchange. Good luck!¬†

Note: I was offered a free years subscription in exchange for a review, but because we're not travelling abroad
this year I declined and offered a giveaway instead.



4 thoughts on “Home Exchange.com Giveaway…

  1. Oh, how I would love, love, love this chance for a ‘home-away-from-home’. It can be hard enough travelling with small kids, without having the comforts and conveniences of a proper home!

  2. Oh I keep meaning to try this, I’ve heard such great things from friends with older kids who’ve done it over the years

  3. We came very close to doing this a few years ago but in the end swapped with a friend. Maybe I should divorce, have the kids adopted and then hope for the ‘holiday’ experience?

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