I Am Drowning In Kids…

Oh My God. 3 kids is CRAZY. 😂

Who knew going from 2 to 3 would be such a MASSIVE difference!

I am laughing at my naive attitude during my pregnancy – “Sure what’s one more..”


The last 4 weeks have gone in a whirlwind of bottles, nappies, night feeds, sleep deprivation (Oh God I forgot how bad that is), recoiling in horror when I look in the mirror, school runs, juggling attention when there’s one of me and three of them, coffee, piles of washing, breaking up fights, wine, coffee, piles of more washing, up the back shits, more washing, more fights, more coffee, ….

Of course there’s also been lots of kisses, hugs, holding him and staring at him and getting nothing done because he’s just so bloody ADORABLE!

His big brothers absolutely adore him. They couldn’t love him more. They kiss and cuddle him at every opportunity which I love.. It almost makes up for the fact that they’re going through a particularly rotten phase of killing each other at the moment. They just Can. Not. seem to get along at the moment and there’s been some epic arguments over all sorts. Usually it starts over very important issues like ‘Who’s pen is this’ or ‘It’s my turn to sit beside Alex in the car’ or ‘He’s just ANNOYING me.’ They can barely take in the same air at the moment without arguing about it.

Last night I walked in just as the 8 year old had his fist clenched and had it aimed at the 7 year old’s head. War commenced and they went to bed fairly sulky after a telling off about their behaviour which of course went in one ear and out the other.

This morning I gave them a pep talk about getting along and being kind to each other…. so naturally before school there was a massive argument between them and they went to school sulking and I’m feeling like I’m totally winning at parenting… 😒

The baby is the feckin’ easiest! It might be exhausting but at least I know exactly how to keep him happy. If I could keep him this small forever I would… but it won’t be long before he grows and starts rolling his eyes at me and talking back like the other two..

So that’s life so far with 3.

The bags under my eyes have bags of their own, but I wouldn’t change it. (Well, actually I’d change lots – like I’d get rid of night feeds and come up with a way of looking decent when you have no time to do your hair and the kids would get along but yeh, you know what I mean.)


  1. Margaret

    March 9, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    If it’s any help …we had 5. They had to go to bed at staggered times for everyone’s sanity. We introduced a concept of “extra time”. You could adapt this to suit your older boys even if they go to bed at the same time. Basically it’s a bribe but they think they win 🙂 If the child (started with the eldest and worked down the line) was “very grown up, sensible, we’ll behaved etc (whatever words suit) then he/she got to stay up 15 minutes extra when the younger ones had gone to bed and this time was for 1:1 games, reading or playtime with mum or dad. So you could adapt it and say for eg if they avoid fighting or hold back after one warning (or whatever works for you) then they can have 15 mins “Golden” time when they have you or dad to themselves 1:1 and they choose the activity. The other child (not currently getting Golden time will have to be busy with their own stuff, jobs or whatever. This is key – they can’t interrupt or guess what they’ll lose their own Golden time!!! The other thing about this 15 minutes is that it’s 1:1 time with you, they get to choose the activities and it’s not shared time – because tbh that’s probably what they might enjoy with a new baby around and your time being shared out more. Just an idea. Keep strong xx

  2. Mimi from Mimitoys

    March 26, 2018 at 11:03 am

    Yep staggered bed times and colouring for the baby. But the trick is the colouring is in different rooms that aren’t key family rooms ie not kitchen or telly room. That way one child dosent think the other has slyed Mums good graces by colouring for the baby in the room that Mum herself is in.

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