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My next guest post comes all the way from Canada! Rod McKenzie is a Parenting & Lifestyle Blogger over at Modern Dad Pages. He’s Dad to teenagers Ryley & Logen & six year old Olivia. Rod admits in this post to those days where your kidsĀ can make you feel like you’re actually going insane! šŸ˜‰




I have often thought that raising children is a test.. A test of your patience and a test of your will!

I love my three, that’s for sure, but there are times I have literally – and I do mean literally – banged my head on the dining room table, slumped over, in complete frustration having a discussion with Ryley about his grades.

He’d come up with every excuse in the book. The main one being “The teacher hates me!”

Meanwhile, as he’s telling me this, I’m thinking “Jesus I can see why if you’re like this with her!”

I have left the house and drove away screaming at the top of my lungs, because the three of them spent the better part of a day irritating each other, and the ensuing arguments that came with said irritations…

I won’t repeat the profanities that spewed from me (I’m sure you can imagine!) as I drove down the street looking like a lunatic, but it was still better than showing them they had gotten the best of me that day, and a LOTĀ better than screaming said profanities in the house!!

There have been times I have walked upstairs in the middle of a discussion with theĀ three of them on differentĀ occasions, laid face down on my bed, buried my face in my pillow and screamed as loud as I could out of sheer frustration, as all three have seemed to inherit the McKenzie trait for discussing everything to death! Yes, that’s my fault as I used to be just like that!!

In the end though, they are good kids, really good kids, but they definitely know how to get under my skin and they definitely do it on purpose at times (Ryley and Logen have admitted it later!) just because they felt like it!!

I do love these three, and even though they can test me they will never completely get the best of me!Ā 


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Ryley, Olivia & Logen.


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