The Worry Plaque Review & GIVEAWAY…

I think it’s safe to say lots of us have had fairy doors in our houses from The Irish Fairy Door Company and have enjoyed the magic of fairies & kids exchanging notes. It’s adorable! If you haven’t read what they’re about, here’s a little intro: 


We help fairies relocate into homes and gardens all over the world by producing high quality Irish fairy doors.

Our aim is to create memorable family moments and a little magic all year round – all YOU need to do is believe!

The Irish Fairy Door Company was specially selected by the International Fairy Council to provide fairy doors for all locations – be it your home, your garden, the office, school or care centre. Each fairy door is given a special portion of magic so that your new fairy can live comfortably in their new human home!

Each fairy is waiting eagerly to find his or her new home and have trained very hard to be the best House Fairy they can be! Our doors are sent out all over the world, just bursting with magic and wonder enabling every fairy to find his or her perfect home and family.

Well now they have introduced the Worry Plaque. Your kids can give their worries to the fairies by simply placing their hand on the interactive plaque. It will glow red as your child thinks of their worries, and then green to indicate that their worries have been given to the fairies. How cute??! 



My kids love it. Particularly the 5 year old. He was watching a movie with his brother the other day and was unsure about some parts of it, so he popped upstairs and came back down clutching the worry plaque. He said “I’ll just keep this beside me incase.” I mean how CUTE! 


I think it’s a lovely idea, especially when your kids spend half their day in school and don’t tell you much. I always ask them if they have any worries they want to give me, so this is a nice bit of extra comfort for them and for me.

C O M P E T I T I O N    T I M E 

So the good news is I have one Worry Plaque (worth €34.95) to giveaway courtesy of The Irish Fairy Door Company. (Just needs batteries)

To enter simply:

Like The Irish Fairy Door Company on Facebook or Follow on Twitter

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Leave a comment below 


That’s it! The competition is open to ROI only and will close on Sunday December 4th at 9pm.

A winner will be picked at random through



Note: I was given a worry plaque in exchange for a review & giveaway. All views are my own. 

170 thoughts on “The Worry Plaque Review & GIVEAWAY…

  1. Fantastic Giveaway.. A beautiful keepsake to pass down for many years to come..Worrying is for Grownups,not for little minds..Great Idea..

  2. Would love to win for my 4year old twin boys. Such a lovely idea for any jitters with them starting big school next year. X #irishmammyblog #worryplaque #believeinfairies

  3. Following both on Facebook. Don’t have twitter. This is an amazing prize.I would love to win this for my eldest daughter whos 6. I feel shed benefit loads from it☺ such a fab idea

  4. We would this for our house, lots of worries with 3 kids under 4, they love fairies, we’ve two of the doors up already

  5. This is a brilliant idea. I’d love to win this for the little girls in my class (1st). It would be great for them to be able to get rid of their little worries when they come into my class.

  6. This is such a beautiful idea. In a world where anxiety can take over this is something that can encourage a little mindfulness. X

  7. This is such an amazing idea. Id love this to help my daughter as she grows up and faces all the worries that life brings her.

  8. Following both pages on fb Would love this as my 6 yr old has become incredibly anxious and worried about everything. Lovely idea and prize.

  9. Would love to win this…my niece suffers from terrible anxiety and this would mean the world to her. She’s only 4. Fingers crossed my name is picked for this fab prize

  10. I would love to win this for my daughter who is refusing to sleep in her own bedroom at the moment. We had little furry visitors and she is terrified they are still there. This would really help get her back in bed.

  11. My little worrier would love this, she adores her fairy door and this would be the icing on the cake for her. Plus it would be fantastic if it stopped her worrying over all the little things x

  12. Would love to win. My son suffers with anxiety and stresses out a lot. He gets upset over the littlest things, especially with my illnesses. He’s petrified every time I have to go into hospital. This might help him.

  13. Would love to win this for my boys . My 4 year old wakes so much with nightmares an he holds tight to his angel coin. This is a brilliant prize so he can give his worrys before sleep

  14. Absolutely amazing giveaway x fingers crossed x my daughter Sophia would adore this she’s fairy obsessed nothing wrong with a bit of magic in her life x great idea x

  15. Would love this for my 5 year old, she has been having a hard time with nightmares and being generally scared of everything recently. This could be the thing to help her!

  16. I would love this for my 6 year old. She has a fairy door and loves to get messages from her fairy friend ‘tink’. She is perfect in every way but s worrier. She would love this x

  17. would absolutely love this for my 5 year old who seems have terrible worries a 5 year old definitely shouldnt have. I’m sure this help her nightmares and worries disappear would love to win She is currently saying prayers to try get rid of her worries and it’s not helping

  18. What a fabulous idea! This would definitely help my 8 year old deal with his big emotions…and my two youngest are fairy mad at the moment(they are also fairly mad, but we won’t go into that here!!)

  19. Wow such s great idea and needed in our little house for my two worriers . Already like both fb pages you perk me up when I see your stories on my news feed. Great to see another normal hectic crazy house and no sugar coating . I’d love to win this

  20. I would love to win this for my friends little man who’s 7 think it’s a great idea for kids that are worriers love both pages thanks a million


  21. I would really love this
    . Both my daughter and son worry about so much . This would be amazing. It breaks my heart when they worry and afraid

  22. Fab prize this would be a great help to Christmas, following you all the way on Facebook and like The Fairy Door Company also fingers crossed

  23. Wow just seen it on the toy show! Little girl having nightmares lately.. this would be a major help& mammy might get a full nights sleep!!

  24. Would love ❤ one for my little girl who is 4. Might help her sleep in her own room all night long after 4 years of sneaking into my bed!

  25. Would adore this for fairies we have living in our garden…we haven’t heard from them for while and this could prove they are still there and listening!

  26. Would love this for my little girl who suffers from night terrors. We already have fairy Ella who lives with us. She helps take her worries away! X

  27. I would love to win this for my two boys, as I’ve been unwell lately with all of October spent in hospital and still sick and off work, I know my two boys aged 8 and 5 worry about me and I’d like to relieve them of that.

  28. I would love this for my 4. My eldest adores her fairy door and her beloved fairy. It’s lovely to see the notes to her fairy used to communicate little worries she may have that I’d have never heard about. Her brother is quieter and not as good at communicating his worries so I think he would make even better use of the worry plaque and it would be lovely for the younger two to grow up also knowing they have somewhere to place their worries. Such a thoughtful item and it could do a lot of good in this home.

  29. This is just great. Would love to be in with the chance to win this for my little 3 year old to teach him that’s it’s okay to be worried and that the worries will always go away, that it’s okay not to be okay . Something that our kids should know from little monkeys to adults . Best thing ive seen in a long time. X

  30. Absolutely fantastic invention for kid’s. Wouldn’t it have been brilliant to have one of these as a child!! Even better as an adult well done Irish fairy door company for giving peace of mind to our most precious little children.

  31. Saw this in Smyths and nearly started crying in the shop – what a beautiful idea for children – the simple ideas are always the best. Would love this for my daughter so she wouldn’t have to bottle up her worries she doesn’t want to share with mammy in case it worries her too xox

  32. Would love this for my little fairy who is 7 and she is always worring about something. She is infatuated with fairies and would love this x x

  33. My little girl is such a kind and caring little girl but she has anxiety and it breaks my heart to see her when she gets so anxious and upset, she saw this last night aswell and her little face lit up thinking that the worry plaque would help xx

  34. Would love one of these for my little girl. She is such a worrier and gets so anxious especially about other people. Would be great for her ❤

  35. What a fab giveaway.. I would love this for my little boy Charlie.. he is 7 and is terrified of being in the dark or on his own he won’t even go to the bathroom on his own or go upstairs to get something.. he seen this last night on the toy show and now he’s mad for one saying “oh mammy I wouldn’t have to be scared anymore” I think this would give him great peace of mind

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