It’s Just A Phase…

Baby 3 was 12 weeks old this week.

3 months old.

I’m blinking and another month is going by I swear.

Life is insanely busy hence the dust that has been gathering on my blog a bit!

Like with a lot of babies, I spend a decent portion of my day trying to figure out what he wants. I’ve quickly realised that even though this is my third child I generally still haven’t a clue what I’m doing.

He’s cutting a tooth.

I swore it was my imagination. I could see the white dot under his gum weeks ago. But it’s cutting through at the moment and he’s dribbling buckets. I can feel it, and it’s clearly pissing him off. He looks so teeny to be getting a tooth but there you go. I’m nearly sure my other 2 were 6 months before they got one but maybe I’ve just forgotten.

The older kids still absolutely adore him. They love him more than anything. More than me. (I stupidly asked this one day and they confirmed ). They kill him with kindness. Constantly holding his little hands and smothering him with kisses. It’s adorable and I’m so happy the novelty hasn’t worn off!

I feel a bit sorry for him being the third kid because I feel like he’s constantly in his car seat or buggy doing school runs. I’m sure he doesn’t actually give a shit but still.  

We’re in a decent routine now and he goes to bed easy enough. Apart from one quick feed at around 2am he sleeps from 7.30 – 7. I can’t complain. We earned it. He had a bottle every 2 hours for what felt like months.

I know it won’t last and there’ll be months of watching Thomas The Tank Engine at 4am so I’m just enjoying it now!

I tried that Wonder Leaps app that loads of people rave about. It cost be €2.50 or something on the play store but I figured it will help me know what our little baba is going through.

It doesn’t. Not for me anyway.

It started well. I found it fascinating to read what he’s going through. He’d be cranky and I’d check the app and tell my Husband “Look! He’s in a leap! That’s EXACTLY why he’s cranky!”

But then he’d be cranky another day and I’d be stressing thinking “But he’s not supposed to be entering his next leap for another 4 days!”

I quickly figured I can’t live like that. So I generally just go with “It’s just a phase” if we have a rough week or few days. I find that’s a nice general phrase that can be used for the older kids too. Just a phase..

I am surrounded by washing. It never ever ends. 5 people. Seemingly 50 billion items of clothes between us that are constantly in the bloody wash basket.

Life is hectic but life is good.

I’m tired… but that’s just a phase… 😉

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  1. Jolene

    May 1, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    Ah its so lovely that the other boys adore their little bro X your rocking it X

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