When Your Kid Comes In At 3AM…

Generally at 6 and almost 8 my kids stay in their own beds now. 

Sometimes I miss them coming in for snuggles, but then I remember nights like when there was 4 of us in the bed and I cop on. 

Still though, the odd night they like to surprise us. 

It was 3am last night when my bedroom door flung open and in a very dramatic fashion my 6 year old arrived into the room waving one arm high up in the air. 

He looked like he’d just woken up and his little face was all scrunched up like he was about to burst into tears. 

My 6 year old could win championships for World’s Loudest Cryer. Honestly. It’s amazing aside from wanting to rip your ears right off when he really gets going. 

Whatever the f*ck was happening here I needed to sort it before the tears came. 

He was flailing his arm wildly in the air holding it with the other arm. 


It’s probably pins and needles son. Relax. Get in beside me.” 

He got in beside me and snuggled up, holding my hand with his “sore hand”, clearly exhausted from his traumatic near death experience. 

I rubbed his little face and told him not to worry and to go asleep. 

This was lovely. 

*Approx 45 seconds later* 

He’s fast asleep, one foot firmly over the covers leaving me with none, one foot on my head, his head on top of Daddy. 

How do they do that??! 

I slept as far to the edge as I could without falling off with a bit of duvet covering about 3 of my toes. 

The 7 year old came in at 6am looking for his tablet. 

Parenting is fun. 


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