When Your Kids Give Formal Letters Of Apology…


Not unusually, my kids started killing each other this afternoon. 

From what I can gather it was something to do with one of them smacking the other one in the head with their water bottle. Who knows.

We could blame the exhaustion of going back to school after Easter but then there’s always an excuse. Anyway. 

As per usual, it went from a small argument to full on RAGING WAR in 2.5 seconds and I lost my rag. 

TV was banned. They were both sent to their room. 

Tears flowed. (From them!)

Unsurprisingly they quickly teamed up together and ganged on me. 

I was “so mean” to give out and ban the telly. 

Off they went upstairs feeling sorry for themselves. 

I left them up there to wallow but I didn’t expect what came next. 

One at a time they tiptoed down the stairs and left a note each, both rolled up like a scroll with an elastic band around it. (Would you be able?!) 

I opened them up. 

This is what was on them – 

From the 7 yr old


From the 6 yr old


Why they felt it necessary to address me by my name and not “Mammy” I’m not sure!! It was all very formal! 

Naturally I called them down and showered them with hugs and kisses.

I applauded their very grown up apologies and let them turn on the tv. 

Clearly they have me exactly where they want me.

Well played kids, well played. 


  1. Emily

    April 26, 2017 at 10:15 am

    This is brilliant! I was known for writing letters when I was younger too and looking back at some of the things I said makes for a great laugh!

    1. Confessions Of An Irish Mammy

      April 26, 2017 at 10:33 am

      These are defo going in the memory boxes to look back on! 😉

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