When Your Kids Think You Were Born In The Stone Age…

It’s my birthday tomorrow. 

I consider myself young.. or at least I did until I talked to my kids this morning! 

They were downstairs having brekkie and I was upstairs. 

The 6 year old shouted up to me “Mammy? Were you born in the olden days?” 

I said “No, not the olden days. I was born 34 years ago” 

The 7 year old piped up “That’s the olden days Mammy.” 

*Screw you*

I said “Well, the olden days to me is when they didn’t have any electricity or anything.”

Dug myself a hole there.

I got bombarded with all sorts then from the two of them. 

“WAS there electricity back then?”

“Did you have a telly?” 

“Was there cars?”

Did you see the Titanic?” 

*For real??*

Were there shops?”

“What about books?” 

“Did you have toys to play with?” 

I answered yes to all the above (bar the Titanic, obvs!!!)  and the 7 year old said “That wasn’t really the olden days then”

Ya think?!

Thanks kids! If you need me I’ll be over here dipping my head into a bucket of anti wrinkle cream…








  1. Donna

    May 3, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Happy Birthday! And how I wish I was only 34 😉

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