My Nametags Labels Review & Giveaway…

My Nametags are an Irish company founded in 2004 creating fun sticker labels & iron – ons for kids. If you have kids of school going age you’ll know that they lose everything! I’m a big fan of labels and have used them since the kids went to Montessori. My Nametags kindly sent me out some of their products to review, and the good news is there’s a giveaway too! 

I genuinely have always used stickers and iron – ons for the kids. On everything. EVERYTHING. Lunchboxes, Beakers, School Bags, Pencil Cases, Books, Trousers, Tracksuits, Shirts, T-Shirts, Jumpers, Shoes, Jackets… literally everything!

If you have still to experience the school age child, let me pre-warn you – they will somehow arrive out of school with no jumper on and not have one clue where they left it. They’ll leave all their books on the table in school and not catch on that their bag is strangely light. They will  come rocking out in the depths of winter with no jacket on and be absolutely mystified as to where it is! “What? You mean it’s not on me??” Seriously.. it’s happened. 

Labels will save your life.*

*(Possible exaggeration)

So My Nametags asked me to pick a design for each kid and sent me out a pack of stickers and a pack of iron – ons for each. 

The 7 year old went for the Mr. Men range and chose Mr. Bump because – according to him – he’s cute. 

The 6 year old is a football maniac at the moment so chose a football design. 

There are absolutely loads of designs to choose from. 

They come with instructions and a guarantee that they are washing machine, tumble dryer, microwave, dishwasher and steriliser friendly; and are guaranteed not to fall off in the wash.

The packs I was given are all the same price. 56 x stickers / iron – ons priced at €16.95 each. 

Now, at a glance €16.95 ain’t cheap. But there’s 56 stickers on the sheet. I’m not going to use 56 stickers for one school year. So I can carry these over to the next school term, or if I need extras for Summer Camps

Also, if I didn’t want to spend money on stickers AND iron – ons, the stickers are suitable for the manufacturer’s label on clothes, so I could use the stickers for the whole job. 

Cute and colourful for the kids and insanely handy. You can check out all the products on their website

G I V E A W A Y   T I M E 

Now the great news! My Nametags are giving one lucky person the chance to win a set of coloured stickers & a set of coloured iron – ons! 

To enter simply:

Like Confessions Of An Irish Mammy on Facebook 

Like My Nametags on Facebook

Leave a comment below

That’s it!

The competition is open to ROI only and will close on Monday March 6th when a winner will be picked at random. 

Best of luck! 🙂 



39 thoughts on “My Nametags Labels Review & Giveaway…

  1. Done! These are fantastic, used them for the last few years but they’re all gone now so could do with a new supply 😀

  2. Done, would love these for my little girl starting school in September who already leaves her cardigans and coats behing everywhere!

  3. My son is starting school in September and these sound as though they ought to be top of my “must get” list, he goes to a small local crèche but the move to Primary means LOTS more children and bigger areas and opportunities to loose things. I would love to win and have one item ticked off my list.

  4. I’d love, one of my kids has just started playschool and I still have to label her belongings. Yes please.

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