Netflix Catch Up – Everything From Grace & Frankie To The Smurfs…

I love Rom Coms. Can’t beat them. Especially when the Hubby goes out and the kids are in bed and I have the remote to myself. I’ll pour a glass of wine, make some popcorn and slap on a Rom Com. 

This  month I enjoyed ‘And So It Goes’ starring Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton. Michael Douglas plays a fairly obnoxious self absorbed realtor who looks to his neighbour, Diane Keaton, for help when his estranged son leaves him in charge of his granddaughter that he never knew existed. It’s your typical rom com and you can guess how it all ends! I enjoyed it though. I love Diane Keaton. 

‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ was another one I watched. I’ve seen this movie about a bazillion times over the years. I love it. What’s not to love?!! It’s got Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz & Rupert Everett. It’s a classic!! Surely everyone has seen it and it needs no introductory………. 

I was so looking forward to Season 3 of Grace & Frankie and it didn’t disappoint! In my opinion it gets better & better every season! I just wish it was longer. I had all 13 episodes done and dusted in the blink of an eye and was – once again – disappointed it was all over. From what I’ve read, it’s been renewed for a Season 4 and will guest star Lisa Kudrow! We’ll have to wait ’til next year for it though. 

Here’s the trailer for Season 3 if you haven’t seen it yet.. 

I absolutely can’t WAIT for the return of Bloodline!  I desperately need to know what happens….. and also………… 

Kyle Chandler!!!! *Cries at his beauty* 

It’s back May 26h and LOOK AT THE TRAILER!…….. Can. Not. Wait.


The kids have been enjoying Fantastic Mr. Fox on Kids Netflix this month… 

… but their main obsession has been Smurfs thanks to the new movie out at the moment. (We went to see it last week. Kids loved it!) So they’ve watched the original Smurf movies a few times over the last few weeks. 

So that’s what been on our screens lately. Let me know what you’re watching or if you have any recommendations! 

Note: I was given a free Netflix subscription in exchange for posts on what we’re watching. All views are my own. 


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