New Year, Black Eye…

Ah New Years. 

Full of hope and positivity. 

New Years Day we had a relaxing day at home. Some of the boys cousins came over for a visit in the afternoon and then we just chilled out for the rest of the day. 

Around the time I would normally have started getting them sorted for bed I went up to check on them, and they were playing together happily, both of them stripped down to their boxers but whatever, they were happy, so I said I’d leave them to it and get them sorted in a while. Sure why not! 

Went back down to the sitting room where I discovered a rip in one of the new sofas. Feck anyway. 

So I got my little sewing kit out, plonked myself down on the floor and started prepping my needle and thread as if I had any clue what I was doing. 

Literally was about to stick the needle into the sofa. Then came a wail from upstairs. From the Youngest. 

Now, the Youngest cries a lot. Over anything. Over everything. He’s a cryer. A loud one. So cries are taken with a pinch of salt at the best of times to be honest.. 

But this was a different cry. More of a howl. Then one of those long pauses where you know they’re taking a big breath before they sob. 

Getting up off the floor 34 weeks pregnant isn’t any sort of fun, but I was trying to hoosh myself up as quick as I could and waddle up the stairs, roaring as I went “WHAT IS IT? WHAT’S HAPPENING??” 

Got to their room and there’s the 6 year old, in his boxers, clutching his eye, sobbing. 

I hadn’t even said anything and the 8 year old, also in his boxers, is claiming his innocence. 

I was sceptical. 

Chaos ensued as we tried to figure out what happened. 

I’m roaring over the noise of them to tell me what happened! 







The two of them were sobbing. 

I had to wrestle the Youngest’s hand away from his face so I could get a look. It was swelling and there was a black line already. F*ck. 

Ushered himself off to get an ice pack. 

“Great.” I said. “First day of the year and one of you has a feckin’ black eye!!!” 

We’re no closer to establishing if it was an accident or not but they’re both adamant they’re the one telling the truth. 

We’re all kneeling on the floor now. Me with the 6 year old on my lap and an ice pack on his face trying to calm him down. 

Daddy with the 8 year old on his lap consoling him because he’s now claiming he got a scrape on his foot from his brothers face and is asking for sudocrem. 


We managed to calm them both down and get them to bed but not without a bollocking from me about keeping their fists and feet to themselves from now on. They’re getting a lot more physical with each other as they get older. I’ll have a nervous breakdown before they’re teenagers I’d say. 

There’s nothing like putting your kid to bed sporting a black eye to make you feel like your parenting skills have hit an absolute new level of rock bottom. 

Anyway, it was done and thankfully the ice pack did it’s job because it isn’t too bad now and we can go out in public without getting any dodgy looks. As the 8 year old said “It looks like a blue Nike tick on his face” !!


The eye is recovering and the sofa has been sewn up. 

Happy New Year. Off we go again! 




  1. Louise (@TattooedMumsy)

    January 9, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    Aw shite, hope everyone is recovered now though 🙂

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    January 15, 2018 at 10:39 am

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