One Of Those Days…

We’re coming to the end of the 2 week Easter break and we’re all still alive. I call that a win.

They’ve had playdates and we’ve done play centres and we’ve watched movies and ate chocolate and they’ve played outside and they’ve made forts.

However, as the end of the second week draws near, the cracks of no routine are starting to show.

I’m wilting.

They’re wilting.

The lack of routine is starting to make them whiny and my brain has completely gone to absolute mush. One eye might be starting to twitch slightly.

They’re everywhere. All day.

Someone wants me for something, constantly.

They are always hungry.

I can’t go to the loo or take a sip of coffee without someone shouting “MAMMYYYYY” or the baby crying.

The baby has had a fussy few days. Let’s just say there’s nothing wrong with his lungs.

Yesterday, the older boys were having an argument over the playstation and came bounding down to me to tell on each other. The baby was screaming. The 7 year old was sobbing. I casually asked the 8 year old if he cared to join in.

This morning there was sulking over one thing or another, I was tripping over kids and drowning in housework. One of the boys had a playdate and we were dropping him over. I fed the them all, changed the massive shit the baby inevitably did just as we were ready to leave, and herded everyone out into the car.

3 kids belted up in the back and we were ready to go. Great.

I closed the front door and got into the car.

Where were my car keys?

In the front door.

On the inside.

I had just locked us all out.

I laughed in that way you laugh when you think you might be going slightly insane.

I sent the 8 year old around the side to see if he could open the latch on the other side of the gate so we could check the back door but we couldn’t get to it.

I looked at the house for ages willing the door to magically open.

I rang Himself to tell him the good news that he was going to have to leave work and come home with his keys.

We waited on him in the driveway like losers.

Keys were no use because mine were in the lock on the other side of the door.

He had to climb in a back window that I’d thankfully left open by accident.

We never went anywhere after all that.

It’s only 2 o clock.


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  1. Lisa

    April 5, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    At least all the kids were on the same side of the door as you…. that’s an upside, although the break might have been nice 😛 (I managed to lock Eliott into our apartment, strapped into his buggy with him SCREAMING for about 15 minutes while I ran hecticly to the property management office to get the masterkey… HELL.)

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