Steroids In My Ass & Other Fun Things…

Firstly, if there’s a whole bunch of spelling mistakes it’s because I’m typing this on my phone from my hospital bed so bare with me.. 😊

This morning I had my latest check up in the clinic. I’m 38+1.

I’d been told they would most likely induce me or break my waters at this stage with the Gestational Diabetes but at the same time I wasn’t sure of a definite plan so I was excited and nervous and curious coming in here today.

Well, it all turned in to a bit of a crap fest fairly fast to be honest. 😂

So baby is oblique again. This is exactly what happened on my last pregnancy 7 years ago. Oblique is not sideways but not head down.. sort of hovering alongside where it should be.

Because I’m full term – well full term for the diabetes anyway – they couldn’t let me home, but at the same time can’t induce or do anything because he or she isn’t head down.

Right. So a C section then.

Grand except my Doc is apparently not available until Monday to do one.

Monday. F.M.L.

So I was admitted straight after my appointment and had an ecg. Having serious flash backs of all this 7 years ago.

Now, the fun part is that because I will be having a planned C Section they apparently have to give steroids to avoid the baby getting something called “Wet lungs”. Not only that, but because I have GD and the steroids will send my blood sugar levels up too high I’ll have to have insulin too. Yay! 😂

Now, even MORE fun than all that is that I have learned today that steroid injections are given in your ass.

In. Your. Ass.

Have I mentioned that my midwife today is male? 😳

And of course I’ve already managed to make a show of myself.

I lay on my side and pulled down my leggings and pants a bit for him to give me the steroid..

He said “A little more..”

So I pulled my pants down a little lower..

He said “No, No. A little more on your side.”

Fan – f*cking – tastic.

So I’m here until Monday when I’ll have a C Section.. unless by some miracle the baby goes head down properly before then.. and I’ll get a steroid injection in my ass once a day and insulin, as well as checking my blood sugar levels 7 times a day instead of the usual 5.

This baby better be cute.

Also, my ass hurts.


  1. Susan

    February 2, 2018 at 11:57 pm

    Yeah, I had that steroid injection. Ouch!! My leg tingled for the whole night!! Hope baba turns soon x

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  3. Annette

    February 15, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    Ohh, I had that too and it sounds like you enjoyed it just as much as me! Today’s 15 Feb, hope baby arrives safely soon if not already x

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