Stupid Things I Have Done #1,357…

I’m an intelligent person for the most part. Then there’s days like today… 

We went to the National Aquatic Centre this morning. We haven’t been in years and I want to make an effort to bring them swimming regularly now and get them lessons this Summer. 

The kids section is great – for the kids anyway. They had an absolute riot going down the kiddie slides and into the pirate ship while I froze my ass off in about an inch of water. 

I sucked it up and they played non stop for about an hour and a half. The Eldest asked a few times about going down the water slide in the adults section. I told him he can go in there when he knows how to swim. 

Before we finished up the 4 of us were having a nice relaxing time in the one part of the kiddies section that has a decent amount of water in it. Me and the Hubby sat and relaxed while the boys pretended they were swimming. 

The Eldest was looking over into the adults section and made one last plea at being allowed over. 

I looked up to see a white tube and said “No way you’re too young for that one. Look at it it’s completely covered in and it’ll be dark and full of water.” 

The Hubby looked at us. “Eh lads. That’s an air duct”

Oh… Right… 


  1. Lisa (

    April 26, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    That would totally be something I’d say! Solidarity in our foot in mouth moments!

    1. confessionsofanirishmammy

      April 27, 2016 at 10:20 am

      We’re in this together!!! 🙂

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