Octagon Studio Alphabet Flashcards Review & GIVEAWAY

Octagon Studio has launched these Reality 4D Flashcards for kids., and they kindly sent us out some packs to review, and to do a giveaway! We’re all guilty of letting the kids watch the tablets or phones so we can actually enjoy a cup of tea uninterrupted… I am anyway! I’m happy with them having an hour with the tablet here and there, and I’d rather they’re playing educational games on them rather than looking at people opening kinder eggs on youtube! (WHAT is the fascination with that!!?) *Secretly wonders If I should start doing it myself and monetising the videos….* Anyway, the idea with these flashcards is that they […]

The Germinator (Dettol Review & GIVEAWAY!)

I’m a clean freak. I like my house clean. Spotless if I can manage it. That’s rare obviously, because of the Husband and two boys. Them three would live in a pile of their own filth if I wasn’t around to keep the place clean. So Dettol sent us out some of their products earlier this week to try out. I was – sadly – very excited when they arrived. Yes. Being in your 30’s and being a Mammy means you get excited by cleaning products. That’s just how it is. First up, we got the swanky No-Touch Antibacterial Hand Wash System. Now this got many ‘ooh’s and aah’s’ from […]

Finish Dishwasher Tablets Giveaway!

So for anyone who doesn’t know, I recently got an extension onto my kitchen. (Before and After pic below for your viewing pleasure!!) It was badly needed, being an absolute shoebox before for a family of four.. hardly enough room to swing the cat! (He doesn’t actually get swung just FYI).. So I am now the proud owner of a massive swanky big kitchen that I still can’t believe is mine, complete with lovely big sky light windows, bright shiny cabinets, half of Ikea, and 3 things I have always coveted: A Utility room (who knew a seperate room for your washing machine – and all your crap – could make you so […]

Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review and Giveaway!

The lovely people over at Baker Days sent me out one of their Letterbox Cakes to review. Based in the UK, they also deliver internationally! (Hurray!) You can find out more about their delivery service here. Baker Days Letterbox Cakes are 5 inches in size (12cm x 2.5cm) and serve 3-4 portions. (Myself, the Husband and the two kids easily had a slice each with still a bit left for later on.. when the kids go to bed!!) The idea is that this cake, as its name suggests, can be sent by post as a gift – just like a birthday card. Now I don’t know about you, but getting a […]