Octagon Studio Alphabet Flashcards Review & GIVEAWAY

Octagon Studio has launched these Reality 4D Flashcards for kids., and they kindly sent us out some packs to review, and to do a giveaway! We’re all guilty of letting the kids watch the tablets or phones so we can actually enjoy a cup of tea uninterrupted… I am anyway! I’m happy with them having an hour with the tablet here and there, and I’d rather they’re playing educational games on them rather than looking at people opening kinder eggs on youtube! (WHAT is the fascination with that!!?) *Secretly wonders If I should start doing it myself and monetising the videos….* Anyway, the idea with these flashcards is that they […]

The Gro Clock Review…

My kids are a little older than you would probably normally get the Gro Clock for. At 6.5 and 4.5 I left it just a teeny bit late and until I was at the end of my tether with 6am wake ups! (The Eldest in particular has always been an early riser.) I love a challenge. Why train them as toddlers. Wait until they’re older when I’ve a good 6 years of exhaustion behind me….. So we got the Gro Clock about a week ago to review. You set the wake time on it for whatever time you want the sun to come up. The temptation to set it for […]

Tan Eraser Review

I got this Exfoliating Tan Removal Mitt from Tan Eraser to review recently. It can be used to take off your fake tan or to prep your skin for tanning. I don’t get spray tans much on account of my absolutely pathetic social life (kids fault) so I haven’t used it to remove tan yet.  I was meeting a friend for dinner on Friday night though and wanted to put on the Cocoa Brown Instant Tan, so I tried out the mitt for prepping before hand. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to exfoliating. There’s about 57 loofah’s in the shower and I don’t use any of them. They’re so awkward to use. I’m not sure […]

The Germinator (Dettol Review & GIVEAWAY!)

I’m a clean freak. I like my house clean. Spotless if I can manage it. That’s rare obviously, because of the Husband and two boys. Them three would live in a pile of their own filth if I wasn’t around to keep the place clean. So Dettol sent us out some of their products earlier this week to try out. I was – sadly – very excited when they arrived. Yes. Being in your 30’s and being a Mammy means you get excited by cleaning products. That’s just how it is. First up, we got the swanky No-Touch Antibacterial Hand Wash System. Now this got many ‘ooh’s and aah’s’ from […]

Organix Biscuits Review And Lunch Box Ideas!!

Oh God. The school lunches. It’s almost upon us. *sigh*  This will be my first year making two full lunches. One is picky-ish but manageable, and the other is the pickiest of all picky eaters! If he doesn’t like the look of it or the smell of it, or the sound of the name of it(!), it’s not going in his mouth! This child has doubled over holding his stomach and screamed ‘ouch ouch it hurts!’ after I made him eat Omelette!!! (Afterwards he admitted it was actually nice!) So what in the name of all that is Holy and Sacred am I supposed to fill his lunch box with!! […]

Back To School Shopping At LifeStyle Sports…

  So I finally got shopping for September – well, August 31st –  and am now 99.9% set with the kids Back To School gear! The books were delivered last week. I had a peak at the Eldest’s 1st Class Maths book and genuinely couldn’t work some of it out…! Maths was never my forté. School day flash backs of diagrams and sums like “Tommy had 46 apples and ate 17. How many apples did he have left?” *Shudder* Thankfully the kids uniforms are basic ones from any major retail shop and then I got the crests to sew on… (Or for Mammy or Mammy in law to sew on to be fair!) Got […]

Finish Dishwasher Tablets Giveaway!

So for anyone who doesn’t know, I recently got an extension onto my kitchen. (Before and After pic below for your viewing pleasure!!) It was badly needed, being an absolute shoebox before for a family of four.. hardly enough room to swing the cat! (He doesn’t actually get swung just FYI).. So I am now the proud owner of a massive swanky big kitchen that I still can’t believe is mine, complete with lovely big sky light windows, bright shiny cabinets, half of Ikea, and 3 things I have always coveted: A Utility room (who knew a seperate room for your washing machine – and all your crap – could make you so […]

Photobox Review

  Photobox.ie is an online site where you can create everything from personalised notebooks and diaries to mugs, and cushions using your own photos. It’s an ideal way of creating fun gifts for the likes of Father’s Day coming up this weekend! They sent me some credit to try out their site, so I went with Father’s Day gifts for Himself and my own Dad. Dad’s are impossible to buy for aren’t they!! How come they don’t seem to want as much as we do?? Sure isn’t it better than socks anyway!.. 😂 For himself I went with a novelty photo mug from the boys for €6. I got him one when […]