Tayto Park Revisited…

Last Summer we took a trip to Tayto Park and the kids absolutely loved it! You can read our initial review here

This year we had some friends visiting all the way from Texas, and they’re mad for everything Irish which includes Tayto crisps! 

They’ve been to Ireland many times but hadn’t gotten to Tayto Park yet so we had to bring them along. 

We went last Saturday (June 24th) nice and early. We got there for about half 10 because I thought the place would be jam packed. 

There was no queue at all going in which was grand. I asked the (very friendly) security guard how busy it was inside and he said there was plenty in there but the queue in is constantly flowing in nice and quickly so it’s grand. 

Honestly I was expecting the place to be mad busy and for us all to be herding around like cattle and queueing for ages for everything but it was lovely and calm. 

Tayto Park is so large so I suppose there’s plenty of space so even when it’s busy it doesn’t seem like it is.. or maybe we just got extremely lucky I don’t know! 

We also got very lucky with the weather! It was supposed to be a dull cloudy day but the sun broke through and it turned out to be a bit of a scorcher. 

There’s a whole heap to do in Tayto Park. We started off with the Ice Age & Dinosaurs Alive trails, then had a walk through the Zoo. 

We got some good shots of the animals who seemed to be in top form for posing! 😉  We saw some owls up close, baby chicks and the kids got to pet the baby goats which they loved. 

We were on snapchat (anirishmammy) so hopefully you caught our snaps. Some of our pics will be up on Instagram too. 

After the Zoo we hit the tour factory and then had some lunch in the Lodge Restaurant. I wasn’t expecting there to be such a big selection on the menu but there was plenty to choose from. I had turkey and ham and veg while the others went for fish & chips and pasta bake, and the kids had goujons and chips. 

We hit the kids rides then which we’d been begged to go to all during lunch. There’s plenty for kids of all ages. Mine did the leap frog ride, swinging boat ride, honey pot bears, mini ferris wheel, the grand carousel and the pony rail. Our Texan friend enjoyed some of them too! 😉 

There’s rides for more adventurous kids too like the shot tower, climbing wall and air jumpers. 

The Express Train takes on you a little spin around the park aswel and that’s always a hit. The kids love the train. 

There’s lot of things that don’t require any tokens for kids to enjoy free of charge aswel. There’s the vortex tunnel, mazes, water areas and playgrounds dotted around the park. 

We headed over to the 5D cinema next and everyone got a good laugh out of that. It was a dino safari on our particular visit and we all loved it but especially the kids. You get squirted with water & air without warning and the kids found that hilarious. They loved it. 

Our friends were keen to go on the Cú Chulainn Coaster. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat with roller coasters so my Husband stepped up (reluctantly – although he’ll pretend otherwise! ;)) and went on with them. They came off laughing their heads off and a bit wind swept, all saying the speed of it was unreal. 

The Tayto Twister slide was closed unfortunately. I’m not sure why but hopefully it’ll open up again for the Summer. My 8 year old was keen to see if he was tall enough to go on it this year but we’ll have to see the next time. 

My Husband and friend also enjoyed doing the sky walk. It’s fairly high up and they both said it was harder than they imagined but good craic. 

Lastly, me and the 8 year old wanted to do the new Viking Voyage but sadly we left it too late. We went over to queue just before 5 o clock, but because the queue was still over an hour long (I’m not sure my 8 year old would have lasted in that) they had to close the barrier and stop more joining the queue. Anyone I saw getting off was soaked and we didn’t have spare clothes so now I’ll know next time to queue in plenty of time and bring towels and spare clothes! It was a shame we didn’t get to go on it but we’ll be back for sure anyway. 

We spent over 8 hours there and genuinely the kids still didn’t want to go home they were having that much fun. Yes, on paper it can seem pricey (For a family of four for entry + wristbands it’s €120.) but once you have the wristbands you can enjoy the rides as much as you want. We’ve often gone to small little amusement parks in a field with a few crappy rides and before you know it you’ve spent €50. I’d consider buying a family membership if I thought we’d go several times in a year. (A 4 person membership is €155) 

A great day out. Our Texan friends thoroughly enjoyed it too and left with lots of Tayto souvenirs and plenty of crisps! 

You can check out Tayto Park on their website here, and on Facebook & Twitter

‘Til next time Mr. Tayto!
Note: I was gifted tickets and wristbands to Tayto Park for this visit. I am under no obligation to write a positive review and all views are my own. 


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