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Our second big day out this Easter following our trip to Dublin Zoo was to Tayto Park in Ashbourne, Meath. 

We’d never been before and after showing the kids all the attractions on the website there was great excitement. 

All week long the 5 year old kept saying “I can’t wait to go to Potato Park!” “How many sleeps ’til Potato Park?” 

So it’s been christened Potato Park in our house now! Hilarious! 

We got a good day weather wise so we were lucky there. We went early to be there for opening time at 10am while the sun was shining. It wasn’t overly busy so no major queueing to get in. 

We let the kids lead the way so we started with the Ice Valley and the kids loved the Ice Age animals. They loved the “snow” falling down too. 


Beside the Ice Valley is the Dinosaurs Alive walk way so that was next. The fact that the dinosaurs moved was a huge hit and they enjoyed digging for bones in the sand. They were life size so we got questions like “How big would his poo have been?” of course… 



We went to the Zoo next. A lovely walk with plenty to look at from Donkey’s to Lemurs. We saw the cutest little Snowy Owl up close and I think he was a favourite for us. 



Then we hit the Mother of all playgrounds. The Pow Wow playground. The kids loved it. We had to drag them out after I don’t know how long to go see the rest of the park. 


Next stop was the Eagle’s Nest Adventure Zone. Lots of kiddie rides and other than the ferris wheel the queues were very quick. Maybe because it was still early enough. The kids especially loved the Leap Frog ride. The laughs out of them on it. They loved the Ferris Wheel too. It’s a small one. Thank God. (For me! I’m not able for heights!) 

The Steam Train Express was a massive hit. Along with the Sweet Station candy shop, a given success! 

After a stop for Pizza we did the Factory Tour and the Vortex Tunnel. The vortex tunnel is quick and just gives the illusion that you’re losing your balance. It was a hit with the eldest. The youngest is a bit more nervous and didn’t enjoy it but then he’s only 5 and it does recommend it to 6 years and over. 

We took a walk around the Eagle Sky Adventure Zone for older kids. They enjoy watching the ‘scary rides’. The eldest really wanted to do the giant tunnel slide but he wasn’t tall enough so he’ll have to wait another while for that. We watched the Cú Chulainn Coaster. It looks amazing but I’m an absolute chicken when it comes to roller coasters. Looking is enough for me! 


At the kids request we did the Ice Valley and Dinosaurs Alive one more time and then hit another playground before calling it a day. We did nearly 6 hours there in all and that was with the kids being only 5 & 6 and not going on too many rides. They loved it and didn’t want to go home. 

Definitely a place worth adding to your (probably ever growing) list for a family day out!

You can visit Tayto Park on their website here, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Note: Tayto Park gave us 4 tickets and wristbands for reviewing purposes. All views are my own.




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