The Coffee Machine…

I was never a big fan of coffee. Always a tea drinker. 

Then I discovered Cappuccino. I LOVE Cappuccino. 

I’ve been buying the boxes of sachets like Maxwell House and Nescafé and I drink about 2 a day. 

I decided about a week ago that I should invest in a Coffee Machine. 

My Husband was sceptical. I tend to go through phases of things (I really needed that Soda Stream at the time….and the Air Fryer…..)

“Why don’t you just stick with the sachets you like?” He said. 

I said “Because…. I NEED a proper machine. I can’t be ripping sachets into a cup my whole life. Plus they’re pretty.”

So, as with when any idea gets in my head, I’ve obsessed over Coffee Machines over the last week. 

I looked up so many different types and asked everyone and anyone all sorts of questions about what make to get. I googled coffee makers round the clock. 

My actual google history

I literally was dreaming about them. I’m not even joking! Twice this week, TWICE, I’ve dreamt about coffee. The first dream was me picking out a machine. The second one was me excitedly telling my Husband to taste a Hot Chocolate I’d just made with the Aeroccino – (That’s a milk frother people, a milk frother. I know this now as a Coffee Connoisseur). 

I finally settled on the Nespresso Inissia Aeroccino Machine. Seen below in all its glory. 



I’m so enthused about it all now I’m going to have to get some nice little coffee cups and maybe one of those fancy capsule stands. I’ve even downloaded the Nespresso App on my phone. 

Need these!

My Husband is just as enthusiastic as me about it and is loving all my updates. 

He loves it. He does..


I won’t lie. I was slightly underwhelmed with my first taste, but there’s about 6,547 different types of capsules you can get, and it’s a matter of finding the right one! Great.. 

My second attempt went better this morning, and I enjoyed a nice Cappuccino with frothed milk and a sprinkling of chocolate powder. 

I’m slightly nervous that so far they’re not as nice as my sachets, but I just need to try different capsules.

I’m fairly sure my enthusiasm won’t fade out like previous obsessions, and it won’t end up for sale on 

No, this will be loved forever… 

Ah lovely.




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