The First Blog Post…


I’ve never blogged before… I’ve written a Facebook or Twitter Status does that count?!

30+ .. Well, 31 to be exact! 2 kids, boys, 5 & 3. Married to himself.

Today included being told I’m “nearly 67” by my 5 year old. He also called me star of the week but thenĀ stripped me of the title an hour later when he got into trouble. The day ended thankfully with my title re-instated!

I am also called “X” or “Tick” on a regular basis by both kids. On a good day obviously I am “Tick” On a really good day the whole WORLD is “Tick”

On darker days the world is “X” and naturally so am I.

Tonight I am sitting here blogging with tears streaming down my face. No, I’m not crying, or sad at all actually. I peeled an onion about 3 hours ago and for some reason the effects haven’t worn off yet!

So that’s me anyway. Who knows, either I’ll be blogging to just myself for a while before sheepishly deleting the account, or people, for reasons unknown, might want to read this…….

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