He Has A Girlfriend!


This week, my eldest told me he has a new “girlfriend” in school.. It all started out very cute. I smiled and cooed and awww’d at the thought of my little boy liking a girl. She’s in Junior Infants apparently. 

For the last 3 mornings now, instead of running around the school yard like a hooligan waiting for the bell to ring, he’s been standing there looking over to her line, waiting to see her.. Ok… still cute and sweet, I thought, but also a little unnerving. So yesterday he made her a beaded flower at home. He put it in his school bag to keep it safe, and it was the first thing he asked about when he woke up this morning, was his flower still in his bag. 

So off we go to school this morning, he sees her coming and tells me excitedly “Mammy here she is!”. Now to be fair she was probably caught off guard as he ran up to her and waved the flower in her face. She didn’t really register anything and kept walking with her mammy. I felt my heart break a bit for him. He watched her walking over to her line, still holding the flower in his hand, and said to me “She didn’t even care”. 

Heart. Broken. Into. A. Million. Pieces. 

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