Hectic Wednesday…


Wednesday is always a bit hectic in our house. It’s fine ’til 12.30 when it’s time to collect the youngest from pre-school, then it just becomes exhausting and chaotic. 

The eldest has after school activities on a wednesday, so between 12.30 and 4.15 I am in and out of the car a total of 8 times!! Collect the youngest, home. Collect the eldest, home. Bring the eldest to theatre, home. Collect the eldest from theatre, home. It’s normal by the last collection on a wednesday for me to start loathing the site of the car..! 

Today two things happened to add a sprinkling of extra stress to the day.. you know the type where you want to reach for a bottle of wine and down it in one go..? Or is that just me…?

The youngest managed to get a splinter during the second school run. Now, my youngest can cry. He can scream bloody murder. Whether it’s because he’s not happy with his sock choice that day, or one of his limbs is hanging off, his cry has only one level – LOUD! So he gets a splinter and all hell breaks lose. It was quite a large one so I was able to get it out straight away. However the sight of the teeny tiny cut had him grasping his arm in agony and screaming and shouting all over the place. He doesn’t do comfort hugs. Not in the heat of the moment. A few hours later, yes. But not in the moment. Don’t touch him, or feel his wrath! 

In the door, lunch, get the eldest ready for his end of term theatre halloween party. The youngest is still howling. Eldest starts crying over his costume choice. He’s not happy with it. I tell him that’s no problem, we can change! Keeps crying for a while before it hits him that I’m not arguing with him or forcing him to stay dressed as a pirate! 

Thankfully the youngest has calmed down and we are once again all at peace. I always find it amazing how they can go from zero to a hundred and back to zero again without batting an eyelid, and meanwhile I feel like I should be huddled in a corner somewhere rocking back and forward clutching a bottle of something strong! 

Anyway, it’s a happy household again – for now… *sigh* 



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