The Trolley Incident…

So I went to Lidl yesterday to do the shopping, making sure I had the Euro coin for the trolley. 

I’m walking over and there’s a guy walking back with his trolley so I do what – I assume – every person does and decide to save him the walk all the way back. 

I sauntered up to him with my hand outstretched brandishing my shiny Euro coin. “Hi” I said chirpily, assuming he would fully understand the scenario that was about to take place. “Here, will I take your trolley?” I waved the Euro in his face. He looked at me a bit funny. Then he looked at the trolley. I’m sure only a couple of seconds passed but it felt like a lot longer. I’m standing there holding up my Euro like it’s something to behold and this oddball is sussing me out and keeps looking at his trolley! I’m holding my smile in place and thinking to myself “what in the name of jaysus is he doing why won’t he give me his feckin’ trolley…???!” 

He looks at me one last time and shrugs, takes my Euro and off he goes. I take the trolley and go do my shopping thinking to myself what a weirdo yer man was being about his trolley. 

Shopping done, I put it in the car and head back with the trolley. I click it in and out pops the Euro……. 

Oh.. Shite… It’s a 2 Euro coin!

No WONDER he was acting so funny!

Here was me thinking this guy was a total freak when it was actually ME that went up to him waving a Euro coin in his face and more or less haggled the poor guy out of a Euro! 


Don’t you hate when you think someone else is the nutjob and it’s actually you………….. 

(PS Have Lidl changed to 2 Euro trolleys????? Safe to say I did NOT know this…!)

13 thoughts on “The Trolley Incident…

  1. Haha.. if it makes you feel better I was reading it thinking “why was he acting so strange, everyone offers the euro for a trolley” (I think it’s a real Irish thing) but then you said about the €2! I completely forgot they are €2. I think Lidl were always €2 because people are always giving out about it because trolley tokens don’t work in them.. Can’t believe he just gave you the trolley with out saying anything haha!!

    1. I think he might have been afraid of me lol He wasn’t Irish so maybe he didn’t get the whole thing either! I’m a eejit!

  2. What?! No, no…Lidl were always €1, Aldi are €2…..I know this for sure, because I always forgot to keep a €2 coin for Aldi (little routine I have, Lidl, followed by Aldi, followed by Tesco….the RELIEF on my husbands face when I’d had enough of this each week with two toddlers in tow and started shopping online with me oul pals Tesco…no coin needed!) Though now I do keep a €1 & €2 coin in the tray in the car.
    €2 to hire a trolley is a bit steep all the same…… 😉

    1. Yes! That’s what I thought too… €2 for Aldi €1 for Lidl.. Someone just told me on Facebook their new trolleys apparently take 20c 50c €1 and €2.

      I’m mystified now lol

  3. I did this once except I was wondering why the woman I offered the euro to was so happy to take it. When I finished my shopping and returned the trolley there was no money in it. Not a cent! Then I got really annoyed with the woman. I haven’t offered my euro since!

  4. I did this one day outside Aldi although the lady threw the trolley at me and ran off, Turned out i had given her €2 and she had a English 2p stuck in the trolley. She definitely got the better deal.

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