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This weekend me and the kids took the train to the country to visit family. Normally we drive but decided the kids would enjoy a bit of public transport for once!

I reserved seats for the kids and was stuck in a fairly embarrassing situation when a couple where sitting in them. It was very awkward but they were apologetic and moved for us. I was full of “sorry, sorry about that, sorry again, thanks.”
As it turns out I was looking at the wrong seat numbers on the tickets and turfed the poor couple out of their own seats. Felt really bad but sure what’s done is done..

Kids ran riot with their cousins all weekend and then we came home.

Felt the effects on Sunday night of a busy weekend so said to the hubby “you’re on bedtime I’m sitting down with a glass of wine” (He’d had the weekend off staying at home).
The youngest screamed bloody murder for a good half an hour demanding me so finally gave in and went up. He ended up coming down for the first half of the X factor claiming a tummy pain. Slept in my bed on top of my face all night. Not the break I had hoped for…

Monday has been calm enough I suppose. The eldest (5) told me he has a new girlfriend in school and that she asked him to marry her (indignant gasp from me at that). Only last week he was saying he’d only marry me so it’s still a bit sore…

Anyway I came up to bed at 8pm with a glass of wine (there was a bit left in the bottle – didn’t want it to go to waste) and now I’m listening to q102… The teenage me would be mortified!

Happy Monday 😉

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