Who’s Idea Was The Clock Change Anyway!


Really… why do we need to put the clocks back? Why?? What good comes from it?? All the hassle for them to go forward again in a few months!

Yesterday I was all smug and happy and well slept because I got ’til 7.55am before anyone came near me.

Last night I let them stay up a bit late thinking “Surely since they slept in this morning and are up late we will all get a lovely lie in tomorrow. Yes, this will definitely work”

I heard my eldest in the loo. Checked my phone.


Five. Fifty. Five. Am.

He came into my bed and closed his eyes. I thought we’d be ok. He started getting fidgety.  (Is that a word?) He wandered back up to his own bed.

The cat started pawing at the door downstairs to get out. Then he started thumping at the door! Not sure how. In my head I imagine him backing up & charging at the door with his shoulders or something.

I sent Himself down to let him out. Two minutes later he’s climbing on my back purring right in my face. (The cat not Himself) Got up, took my pillow and sulked into the back room.

Two seconds later, the Youngest calls down. “MAMMMMYYYYYYY IS IT WAKE TIME?”

“No, go back to sleep!!” There was an air of desperation in my voice.

“MAMMYYYYYYYYY” The Eldest. “Can I read him a story?”

“Go back asleep!!!” I begged.

Followed by “Now, will we read Mr. Nonsense? ”

Fast forward a half an hour and they were both in beside me with a cartoon on the telly.

It’s 9am right now and I feel like I’ve been up for about fifteen hours.

The clock change sucks.

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