The Tooth Fairy & Other Drama…

It’s been one of those weekends. 

Well, weeks!

I picked up a vomiting bug on Tuesday. That was fun. You can read about that here!

The 7 year old then picked it up on Thursday. 

On Saturday the 6 year old lost his first tooth. Being the Youngest I didn’t think I’d be all that phased, but I was. 

On hearing that it fell out I shouted “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” a little too dramatically probably. 

They all gave me funny looks and I tried to explain myself. He’s the BABY! He’s NOT SUPPOSED TO GROW UP! Waaaaaah! 

Anyway, I got over it.

I said to him “Are you all excited for the tooth fairy to come tonight?”

He said he was and then he laughed. 

I said “What’s so funny?” 

He said “What if there’s NO fairy, and it’s just YOU who puts the money under my pillow?!!” 

I laughed. Nervously. Loudly. Hysterically. I started randomly tidying things and not making eye contact.

“WHAT? No tooth fairy?? Mammy putting the money under your pillow??? Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ah jaysus no! Ah no. No! Sure how would I get that done at night time?? Ahahahahahahaha! No! There’s definitely a fairy. OKAYY??????” 

In my head I had beads of sweat running down my forehead but I’m sure I pulled it off. 

He went to sleep and thankfully, THANKFULLY, the tooth fairy managed to do the swap with no problems!! 

At about 2am he came into our room and I assumed it was to announce the tooth fairy had been, but instead the feckin’ vomiting bug had landed. His turn. 

He was pretty much up all night puking. Those few glasses of Prosecco I’d had on the basis that we had no reason to get up too early the next morning backfired rapidly.

The three of us were fecked by 8am. 

Enter the 7 year old who needed a trip to D doc at 9am with a bloated sore stomach. Thankfully he’s fine and just needs extra help in the poop department. 

I’ve been in zombie mode all day changing all the bedsheets, sticking on washes and bleaching the floors. 

I put the kids to bed at 7pm to read their books. 


But wait. What have I just learned? THERE. IS. NONE!!!

Screw this. Bed.


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