What It’s Like To Be Sick As A Parent…

So yesterday I was struck down with either a vomiting bug or food poisoning. Couldn’t tell you what it was. 

It came out of nowhere, wreaked havoc and then left!

I  collected the kids from school, got homework done and then literally spent the rest of the day hugging the toilet bowl. 

I’m up there puking away in the en suite and of course the kids end up in there with me. 

There’s me trying to reclaim some of my dignity while I sit on the en suite floor and the boys are asking me all sorts. 

“Did you really get sick Mammy?” “Was it gross?”  “Can I see?”

The 6 year old said to me “Mammy will you call me if you get sick again?” 

I thought that was really sweet that he cared and said “Yeh of course I will.”

He said “Great ‘coz I want to look!” 

WTF is wrong with my kids?? 

So the Hubby comes home and somehow all 4 of us are in the bedroom.

The boys are jumping all over the bed which isn’t helping my stomach which is erupting like a f*cking volcano inside me. 

I had to throw up again and while I’m in there I can hear my kids trying to open the en suite door and the Hubby dragging them away and saying “Mammy’s getting sick! Leave her alone!”

I’m mid heave and panicking incase they come in and see me!

It wasn’t my finest night. 

When the kids got up this morning the first thing they asked me was if I’d been up all night getting sick. 

To be honest the tone of their voices was morbid fascination rather than concern but anyway..

All better now. 

The kids couldn’t give two f*cks either way.



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