What’s In My Hospital Bag…

There’s about a billion posts about this but here’s another one anyway ūüėȬ†

34 weeks gone. 5 to go! Hospital bag is more or less ready to go! 

I greatly considered buying those pre packed hospital bags. I was so close to clicking that “Buy Now” button, but the budgeter in me decided I could do it on the cheap myself. Great idea though if you just don’t want the hassle.

My bag is from Penneys. It was ‚ā¨17! I have a wheelie travel size bag too and the baby changing bag. (I know, I’ll look like I’m booking in for a month!)¬†

Confessions of an irish mammy hospital bag
Penneys ‚ā¨17
Confessions of an irish mammy hospital bag
Wash bag from Penneys


Everything I bought is either Dealz, Penneys or Tesco with the shopping. (Although in hindsight, getting certain items with the online shop was a mistake..!) 

confessions of an irish mammy hospital bag

So, for that lovely first day on the labour ward, here’s what I’ve packed:¬†

  • Granny pants¬†
  • A nightdress (that will be going straight into the bin afterwards!)
  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • 1st Baby Outfits.¬†I don’t want my Husband rummaging through the bag for an outfit, panicking, and coming back to me with 3 sets of socks and no vest so I’ve prepacked 3 neutral outfits in sandwich bags, an idea I picked up from Grace who blogs over at Frilly Flossy. Each bag has a nappy, vest, onsie, bib, hat & scratch mitts and I’ve marked one “First outfit” HE CAN’T GO WRONG!!¬†

Confessions of an irish mammy hospital bag

For afterwards, bearing in mind that I don’t know if it will be a quick delivery and home the next day (Oh God please!!) or a C Section with a few days stay. Here’s what’s on my list:¬†

  • Comfy PJ’s (Large in other words)¬†
  • More granny pants¬†
  • Maternity Bras¬†
  • Maternity Pads¬†
  • Breast Pads
  • Travel size Shampoo / Conditioner / Body Wash¬†
  • Flip flops (for those lovely public showers *weeps*)¬†
  • Towels
  • Hair dryer / Straightener
  • Travel size Body Lotion / Deodorant¬†
  • Face wipes and face wash¬†
  • Day / Night face cream
  • Makeup bag¬†
  • Hand cream¬†
  • Lip Balm¬†
  • Toothbrush / Toothpaste¬†
  • Hair brush / clips / bobbins¬†
  • My own pillow and blanket!¬†
  • Phone / Tablet / Charger / Headphones¬†
  • Small snacks¬†(Edit – since learning I have Gestational Diabetes I can tell you that a feckin’ giant big selection box is getting added to my bag for after! Oh God I can’t wait!!!)

For the baby: 

  • 3 Cardigans¬†
  • 6 Babygros (All neutral until I know what I’m having then I’ll send Daddy shopping for more!)
  • 6 Vests (Ditto)¬†
  • A pack of (25) newborn nappies¬†
  • Nappy bags¬†
  • Cotton Balls¬†
  • Hooded towel / Baby head to toe wash
  • A travel size sudocrem¬†
  • Hats & Mitts¬†
  • Bibs¬†
  • 2 Cellular blankets

And finally, for that blissful day we’ll be sent home!! Already can’t wait! Here’s what I have:¬†

  • My own going home outfit (Maternity clothes! Don’t bring your pre-preggers jeans and be disheartened that they don’t fit!!)¬†
  • Baby’s going home outfit (Yet to be decided when I know if it’s a boy or girl!!)¬†
  • Car Seat (Obvs!)¬†
  • An all in one baby jacket / Hat / Mitts¬†
  • Warm blanket¬†
  • 2 excited big brothers, 1 wrecked Daddy and 1 zombie like Mammy, possibly walking like John Wayne..!¬†¬†

Bring it on! ūüėȬ†




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