When All Your Kid Wants Is Drums…

For months now the 6 year old has been looking for a drum set. He talks about drums constantly. Obviously he was told in a nice way that there’s not a chance in hell.

 I encourage an interest in music, definitely, just not a drum set! I tried so hard to persuade him to take an interest in virtually ANY other instrument but he was having none of it. 

Me: What about a keyboard? 

Him: Drums.

Me: A Guitar?? 

Him: Drums.

Me: A Tin Whistle??? 

Him: Drums. 

Me: A Triangle!

Him: Drums.

And so on…

We were sitting in the waiting room the other day while the 8 yr old did his violin lesson and once again we were having a discussion about drums. I showed him some images of marching drums. “Yes!” He said. “That’s actually what I meant Mammy! Not a big drum set, a marching one!!”

Great, I thought. That I can handle! So I went online as soon as we got home and secured one so we’d have it in time. I was delighted with myself. Months of talking about drums and in a few weeks his little face would light up.

I went up to kiss them goodnight, and I said to the 6 yr old “Hopefully you’ll be able to get one of those marching drums this Christmas”

He smiled, and then he said “Actually, now I’m thinking about a clarinet.”


He’s getting a drum and that’s it! 

Confessions of an irish mammy drums



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  1. Liberty Henwick

    November 26, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    Haha, my 8 yo girl is asking for a drum set, has been for about a year. Maybe a tin whistle will be a clarinet baby?

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